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Bobolinks Quotes
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Bobolink! that in the meadow, Or beneath the orchard's shadow, Keepest up a constant rattle joyous as my children's prattle, Welcome to the north again. (Quote by - Thomas Hill)

Out of the fragrant heart of bloom, The bobolinks are singing; Out of the fragrant heart of bloom The apple-tree whispers to the room, "Why art thou but a nest of gloom While the bobolinks are singing?" (Quote by - William Dean Howells)

Robert of Lincoln's Quaker wife, Pretty and quiet, with plain brown wings, Passing at home a patient life, Broods in the grass while her husband sings. (Quote by - William Cullen Bryant)

When Nature had made all her birds, With no more cares to think on, She gave a rippling laugh and out There flew a Bobolinkon. (Quote by - Christopher Pearce Cranch)

Modest and shy as a nun is she; One weak chirp is her only note; Braggarts and prince of braggarts is he, Pouring boasts from his little throat. (Quote by - William Cullen Bryant)

One day in the bluest of summer weather, Sketching under a whispering oak, I heard five bobolinks laughing together, Over some ornithological joke. (Quote by - Christopher Pearce Cranch)

Robert of Lincoln is gayly drest, Wearing a bright black wedding.White are his shoulders and white his crest. (Quote by - William Cullen Bryant, Robert of Lincoln)

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