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I don't know if censure would be in order, but an apology, because it does a great disservice to the men and women who suffered in the gulags and in Pol Pot's killing fields. (Quote by - John McCain)

Most of the censure of others is only oblique praise of self, uttered to show the wisdom and superiority of the speaker. (Quote by - Tryon Edwards)

He who would acquire fame must not show himself afraid of censure. The dread of censure is the death of genius. (Quote by - William Gillmore Simms)

As a practical matter, it could affect the kinds of assignments a judge gets. It could affect whether or not a judge would be approved by a Bar association or other screening committees for election. And nobody likes or enjoys the public criticism that a censure brings. It is significantly a deterrent and an educational tool for other judges to use as a guide for how to behave. (Quote by - Robert Tembeckjian)

It is folly for an eminent man to think of escaping censure, and a weakness to be affected with it. All the illustrious persons of ;antiquity, and indeed of every age in the world, have passed through this fiery persecution. (Quote by - Joseph Addison)

There are many individual senators, including myself, who have said that, at an appropriate time after disposing of the impeachment matter, that an appropriate censure resolution that seems to me should be considered by the Congress. (Quote by - Carl Levin)

From his calls for retreat and defeat in Iraq to censuring the president, the senator is more consumed with his own political future than national security. (Quote by - Tracey Schmitt)

Our view is that there has to be some way .. to deal with this matter beyond the question of conviction, and we think censure presents that opportunity and we will be planning to propose that at some point. (Quote by - Tom Daschle)

This censure idea, without an admission on the president's part, is a political cop-out. (Quote by - Lindsey Graham)

The House could say, 'Well, it's not serious enough for impeachment, but this is clearly conduct that is on the margin that we don't approve of,' and the House Judiciary Committee would report out a censure resolution and the House would vote on it, .. Evans & Novak. (Quote by - Trent Lott)

The founding fathers gave the House of Representatives one function when it comes to cleansing the office of the presidency and that is impeachment, .. Whether or not a resolution of censure is appropriate is something beyond our constitutional authority. (Quote by - Henry Hyde)

A dozen direct censures are easier to bear than one morganatic compliment. (Quote by - Mark Twain)

You do ill to praise, but worse to censure, what you do not understand. (Quote by - Leonardo da Vinci)

We can often better help another by fanning a glimmer of goodness than by censuring his faults. (Quote by - Edmund Gibson)

I just don't think that's a constructive use of the time of the Senate, .. If we're going to get into the business of censuring members for racially sensitive comments, it's not going to be limited to Sen. Lott. (Quote by - Mitch McConnell)

Certainly, this doesn't warrant a censure or expulsion. As I read the ethics subcommittee report, there's clearly no finding at all of any intentional violation. (Quote by - Peter King)

If I had been censured every time I have run my ship, or fleets under my command, into great danger, I should have long ago been out of the Service and never in the House of Peers. (Quote by - Horatio Nelson)

This president mocks the people, mocks the Congress, and this censure is just what he wants. (Quote by - Bob Goodlatte)

Why should I expect to be exempt from censure; the unfailing lot of an elevated station? My Heart tells me it has been my unremitted aim to do the best circumstances would permit; yet, I may have been very often mistaken in my judgment of the means. (Quote by - George Washington)

It's not a censure. It's enforcement for a legitimate purpose. (Quote by - Randy Bly)

The problem with the censure resolution right now is that, I think, the Senate is tired, .. We've done what we were required to do under the Constitution. (Quote by - Trent Lott)

To suggest that the president should be censured because you don't agree with the legal advice he got seems to me to just -- to be out of the ballpark in terms of the way we can sensibly discuss and talk about issues like this. (Quote by - John Schmidt)

I bet that really did stimulate contributions a lot. The censure resolution, and lack of any other Democrat backing it, really put a lot of Bush-haters onto Feingold. (Quote by - Charles Franklin)

I couldn't tell you off the top of my head exactly what we put in. There was the word 'censure' in there that I didn't like, but it was obviously in there, so my objection was overrided. (Quote by - Richard Potter)

It is salutary to train oneself to be no more affected by censure than by praise. (Quote by - William Somerset Maugham)

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