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Even if people censure me, they should do so hat in hand. (Quote by - Gustav Mahler )

I think that it would be pretty hard to do this -- the censure route --without .. talking at all with the White House, the people who are going to be censured. (Quote by - John Chafee)

We believe it's a free speech matter and given the circumstances not appropriate for censure action. (Quote by - John Patterson)

They have a right to censure that have a heart to help. (Quote by - William Penn)

Midterm elections are all about rallying the base. If you can bring up censure and impeachment, maybe you can get back the 10 or 15 percent of Republicans who have peeled off in the recent polls. (Quote by - Steven Schier)

I listen to them freely and with all the respect merited by their intelligence, their character, their knowledge, reserving always my incontestable right of criticism and censure. (Quote by - William Gilmore Simms)

Trust him little who praise all, him less who censures all and him least who is indifferent about all. (Quote by - Johann Kaspar Lavater)

No place in the world prides itself more on its vigilance and realism, no place considers itself more qualified to censure any flourish of rhetoric or extravagance of aspiration. (Quote by - Seamus Heaney)

Mankind censure injustice, fearing that they may be the victims of it and not because they shrink from committing it. (Quote by - Plato)

We must defend freedom of expression and if I had to chose, I prefer the excess of caricature over the excess of censure. (Quote by - Nicolas Sarkozy)

Beware of one who flatters unduly; he will also censure unjustly. (Quote by - Arabian Proverb)

I have a deep disdain for the president's actions, .. He deserves the admonishment and the censure and the rebuke of the Congress .. Not only is this the public's preference, but it is the right thing to do. (Quote by - Rick Boucher)

On censure, senior Democratic leaders are probably right: It's a bad political move. Americans are angry with the president but not ready to bring him down. (Quote by - Michael O'Hanlon)

John Doyle just knows how to feed actors, and what comes out of us, good, bad, right, wrong, doesn't matter. There's no fear or censure. He opens up the creative goo and all of the actor vessel stuff. He knows how to do it. It's just incredible. (Quote by - Patti Lupone)

It is easy for a man who sits idle at home, and has nobody to please but himself, to ridicule or censure the common practices of mankind. (Quote by - Samuel Johnson)

I'm opposed to censure, .. Whether or not one will be permitted, it's under discussion. It isn't ruled out, but it's not a dead-bang certainty either. (Quote by - Henry Hyde)

If Congress were to censure, fine or otherwise try to punish a president, it would dramatically alter the balance of power between the branches.. (Quote by - Mike DeWine)

Censure is often useful, praise is often deceitful. (Quote by - Winston Churchill)

O you who believe! whoever from among you turns back from his religion, then Allah will bring a people, He shall love them and they shall love Him, lowly before the believers, mighty against the unbelievers, they shall strive hard in Allah's way and shall not fear the censure of any censurer; this is Allah's Face, He gives it to whom He pleases, and Allah is Ample-giving, Knowing. (Quote by - quran)

The Democrats see [the censure] as a hopeless task and don't want to be associated with it. It would be hurtful for the party. (Quote by - John Witte)

I feel strongly that the president did not speak the truth..and in my judgment it had to go over to the Senate. But I still feel the Senate which can look at and may want to go for a full trial should at least take this opportunity to look at the possibilities of censure and what can be done to bring this to a close. (Quote by - Michael Castle)

They are already working on the articles of impeachment. They know where they are going. No, they are not going to allow any censure motion. They do not care .. what evidence is presented by the White House or anybody else. (Quote by - Maxine Waters)

Give every man thine ear, but few thy voice; take each man's censure, but reserve thy judgment. (Quote by - William Shakespeare)

Censure acquits the raven, but pursues the dove. (Quote by - Juvenal)

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