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If the legislative election is postponed, there will be a disaster in the Palestinian territories, where chaos and violence would prevail. (Quote by - Saeb Erekat)

Federal law exists to avoid confusion. There would be marketplace chaos if states regulated whatever they wanted. (Quote by - Charles Territo)

I don't think other people in the world would share the view there is mounting chaos. (Quote by - Jim Callaghan)

Oh my God, it was hell, ... We were screaming, hollering, flashing lights. It was complete chaos. (Quote by - Jimmy Williams)

We were screaming, hollering, flashing lights. It was complete chaos. (Quote by - Jay Williams)

It was just horrible. He was trying to be calm for us, but you could hear the chaos in the background and the terror in his voice. (Quote by - Lorie van Auken)

Owens said Iraqis are making strides toward improving conditions in their country. People do not like chaos, ... The basics of police forces and fire departments are desired not only by the coalition but also by the Iraqis. (Quote by - Charles Owens)

You're free. And freedom is beautiful. And, you know, it'll take time to restore chaos and order - order out of chaos. But we will. (Quote by - George W. Bush)

Allow (stress) to dominate your life and you get chaos. Put God first and somehow everything falls into place. Scripture promises it. (Quote by - Mariette Ulrich)

We were lucky here because the chaos happening outside never really affected us. The white staff never showed any signs of apartheid except that they had their own toilets which was common then. (Quote by - Vusumzi Kose)

Aristide is the brain and Preval is his tool. If he becomes president, chaos will break out. We will defend ourselves. (Quote by - Charles Baker)

I accept chaos. I am not sure whether it accepts me. I know some people are terrified of the bomb. But then some people are terrified to be seen carrying a modern screen magazine. Experience teaches us that silence terrifies people the most. (Quote by - Bob Dylan)

For the Palestinians, the choice is between democracy or lack of it, between a system that functions or chaos, between continuity or reform. (Quote by - Nader Said)

It is always very striking and almost spooky because it is like order coming out of chaos. (Quote by - Steven Strogatz)

One of the advantages of being disorderly is that one is constantly making exciting discoveries. (Quote by - A. A. Milne)

Chaos has come to be associated with the study of anything complex, but, in fact, the mathematical techniques are directly applicable only to simple systems that appear to be complex. (Quote by - Neil Gershenfeld)

I think you're seeing chaos, basically. No matter how you cut it, it's very poor project design and implementation. (Quote by - Ali Allawi)

All genius is a conquering of chaos and mystery. (Quote by - Otto Weininger)

It's a disaster. It throws the whole market background into chaos ... Banks, insurers will fall the most _ anything that's exposed. (Quote by - Mike Lenhoff)

With the crowd noise, I thought it would be chaos out there. But our hand signals worked pretty well. (Quote by - Mike Adams)

We've got a continuing threat from terrorism, the health service is in financial chaos, there's a possible petrol price crisis, and yet the prime minister doesn't even seem to think it important to spend time at his own desk back in Britain. (Quote by - Chris Grayling)

At times our lives seem like that of a tranquil island in a sea of chaos. The battle is to keep this sea of chaos at bay and not let it wash us away into utter chaos. (Quote by - Sanjeeva Ananthan)

You fear that if you lower your guard for even one second your whole world will disintegrate into chaos (Quote by - Douglas Coupland)

There is no chaos. There is no probability, zero, for a coup. (Quote by - Ayman Abdel Nour)

City diversity represents accident and chaos. (Quote by - Jane Jacobs)

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