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He recovered and showed himself a leader, particularly during Katrina. Alabama escaped the chaos with FEMA that Mississippi and Louisiana had, and Riley was able to reclaim his glitter. (Quote by - Byrdie Larkin)

We believe that a peaceful solution to the chaos caused by the illegal war in Iraq will only be possible when the occupying foreign armies have all been removed so that the Iraqi people will be free to decide on their own political future. (Quote by - Lindsey German)

Organized religion preaches Order and Love but spawns Chaos and Fury. Why? (Quote by - Kerry Thornley)

I am not a logician. I am an existentialist. I believe in this meaningless, beautiful chaos of existence, and I am ready to go with it wherever it leads. (Quote by - Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh)

A time is envisioned when the world was not, only a watery chaos (the dark, indistinguishable sea) and a warm cosmic breath, which could give an impetus of life. (Quote by - Rig Veda)

NSEERS was so poorly conceived and badly managed that it created chaos and fear. Trust between the immigrant community and law enforcement was severely strained and, in the end, there was no evidence that any terrorists were apprehended as a result of the effort. (Quote by - James Zogby)

It turns out that an eerie type of chaos can lurk just behind a facade of order - and yet, deep inside the chaos lurks an even eerier type of order (Quote by - Douglas Hostadter)

In a world where we are forced to conform to society, it is necessary to have personal chaos (Quote by - T. Alan Armstrong)

One flight, one passenger who doesn't get to his or her destination because of Chaos is one too many. For you to not know if a flight is going to operate because of Chaos is intolerable. It is better that we tell you in advance the flight is cancelled. (Quote by - David Castelveter)

What's happening in Haiti is what's happening in Iraq: It's just total chaos, except there are no U.S. troops on the ground. (Quote by - Ira Kurzban)

Let me just touch on the legal chaos this would drop in your lap. (Quote by - Steve Sanders)

All art is exorcism. I paint dreams and visions too; the dreams and visions of my time. Painting is the effort to produce order; order in yourself. There is much chaos in me, much chaos in our time. (Quote by - Otto Dix)

I've been dealing with it like crazy. It's a classic example of how chaos can be created by bad information being shared around on the Internet, all those chat rooms. (Quote by - Michael Potter)

It was chaos. There were so many relatives who had come to see their families. People were watching you as you walked through. (Quote by - Sue Willoughby)

I'm an order person. But there is a certain amount of chaos in the world. Somewhere in between those things we function. (Quote by - Tanja Softic)

There's a great dissention being created by this whole, uh, chaos. (Quote by - Tenari Ma'afala)

Hillary Clinton is probably laughing hysterically at the Republican chaos. (Quote by - Hank Sheinkopf)

Chaos and Creation in the Backyard. (Quote by - Paul McCartney)

I am interested in anything about revolt, disorder , chaos-especially activity that seems to have no meaning. It seems to me to be the road toward freedom... Rather than starting inside, I start outside and reach the mental through the physical. (Quote by - Jim Morrison)

The question is whether we trade dictatorship for chaos. (Quote by - Joseph Biden)

That is such chaos, ... Nobody wants to go there. And that is why things get settled. ... Both sides have huge motivation to get to an agreement. (Quote by - Steve Miller)

There are too many games now where there's too much structure and not enough of the chaos. (Quote by - Ken Hitchcock)

The whole meeting went to chaos. The bottom line is, after five (Curry) votes my vote was meaningless. (Quote by - Barry Williams)

After the chaos and carnage of September 11th, it is not enough to serve our enemies with legal papers. (Quote by - George W. Bush)

We've been sent here to raise hell and cause chaos. (Quote by - Tom Petty)

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