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The strike was illegal. It was intentional to cause chaos and havoc throughout the city, and if you look at my brother, that's what they did. (Quote by - James Long)

We've reached the point where the demand for rules is about to replace the demand for chaos. (Quote by - Debora Spar)

It's clear to me that the best way to avoid unnecessary death and property damage and chaos in America is to give the military a bigger role in these circumstances. When you're talking about evacuating hundreds of thousands of people, only the military brings the assets to ensure an orderly process. The military needs to be engaged. (Quote by - Robert Wexler)

You've got 2.5 seconds to take the snap, drop back and react. When the ball is snapped, it's chaos. Whoever manages the chaos the best is going to be better off. (Quote by - Randy Sanders)

We have chaos in the street. We have people who are desperate. They are hungry, they haven't slept, they've taken desperate measures. (Quote by - Cynthia McFadden)

I am calling on everyone in this state to put the chaos and the division of the recall behind us and do what's right for this great state of California. (Quote by - Gray Davis)

Freedom is just Chaos, with better lighting. (Quote by - Alan Dean Foster)

We at the Nature Museum believe climate change is occurring, but 'Climate Chaos' asks the question, 'Is it occurring?' You see what the science says, you look at the last 100 years, you look at the next 100 years. You make the judgment for yourself. (Quote by - Mike Sarna)

I believe that if the situation continues, crime rates and chaos will increase which will make the Palestinians' life in Gaza more miserable than those years under the Israeli occupation. (Quote by - Abdel Shafi)

One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. (Quote by - Friedrich Nietzsche)

If we do not want to see rising tension leading to violence and chaos particularly just before the Israeli election we will have to develop urgently a convincing strategy addressing the PA's financial and developmental needs, not only in the short-term of the next few weeks but also in a longer time frame. (Quote by - James Wolfensohn)

There is a potential for chaos. Can't predict where it'll be, but there is definitely potential. (Quote by - Doug Chapin)

You leave your man and you double-team and you try to gamble and create some chaos and that worked out. We got steals and some easy hoops. (Quote by - Denis Freeman)

I remember a lot of chaos. I knew I had been bit by something. I just felt something grab my leg and squeeze real tight. (Quote by - Bill Barnes)

The maker of a sentence launches out into the infinite and builds a road into Chaos and old Night, and is followed by those who hear him with something of wild, creative delight. (Quote by - Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Pryce, a veteran of Brazil and Baron Munchausen and a longtime Gilliam friend, bristles at the word chaos when applied to the Brothers Grimm set.] Terry knows what he wants, ... He's very demanding, but in a positive and generous way. And if you're up to it, it's very exciting. If you're not, you fall by the wayside. (Quote by - Jonathan Pryce)

She (Virginia Kelley) describes the chaos ... She describes an incident in which Bill's grandmother and she literally were pulling him apart. (Quote by - Lucinda Franks)

It was completely devastated. There was total chaos. (Quote by - Hilleary Bogley)

Artists love to immerse themselves in chaos in order to put it into form, just as God created form out of chaos in Genesis. Forever unsatisfied with the mundane, the apathetic, the conventional, they always push on to newer worlds. (Quote by - Rollo May)

It's basically bringing order to chaos and our teams are good at that. (Quote by - Matt Mathes)

This type of weather does create a lot of chaos, a lot of contingency planning. (Quote by - Guy Welton)

Their guidance being overly conservative for next quarter, that's what's causing the most chaos in the shares today. People want a little more explanation of why they're giving such conservative guidance. (Quote by - Jim Grossman)

Jessica told me you can let chaos consume you and be overwhelmed or just walk with it. But she's not going to complain about being famous. She'll take it and handle it professionally. (Quote by - Whitney McNally)

GOD is the ever-active providence, by whose power systems after systems are being evolved out of chaos, made to run for a time and again destroyed. (Quote by - Swami Vivekananda)

Very serious forces are considering destabilization in the country. Our country was saved from a serious crisis and chaos this morning. (Quote by - Nino Burjanadze)

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