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We have some overhead, but most of the money we collect goes to the charity. (Quote by - Dan Carter)

We have 60 acres here and we farm 56 acres of it. It's one of the ways we raise money for our charities. (Quote by - Frank Pezzorello)

If you have clothing or household items you no longer need, this is the time to take it to a charity. (Quote by - Gail Winawer)

Censorship, like charity, should begin at home, but unlike charity, it should end there. (Quote by - Clare Boothe Luce)

When your courtyard twists, do not pour the water abroad. (Qutoe by - Thomas Gray)

I loved being able to make a difference for charity just by doing something I like - playing golf. I had a blast 'marathoning' with my friends and found that playing 100 holes was easier than I thought. (Quote by - John Cooney)

True charity is the desire to be useful to others without thought of recompense. (Quote by - Emanuel Swedenborg)

We are very excited to be offering this health prevention service to our tribal communities as an incentive for better health. We are also excited to receive a special Healthy Living grant from the National Relief Charities to provide monthly incentive items for program participants. (Quote by - Phaline Conklin)

I was pretty stoked that Cory asked me to come here. It gives me a chance to get out of San Diego and come here and hang out for a day or two. It's all about the charities. I've been doing charity fundraisers for a long time, so when you can give back it's a good thing. (Quote by - David Wells)

A legitimate charity will not send you an unsolicited e-mail asking for money -- that's not how a professional charity works. (Quote by - Chris Green)

We are fully persuaded that payroll giving is the easiest, most tax-efficient way for employees to give to charity. The cost to individuals is less and the charities receive more. (Quote by - John Griffith)

From time to time, customers and others have had questions about charitable contributions we make and what guides our decisions. We know that just as it's impossible to support every cause, it's equally impossible to please every constituency. That said, the Ford Motor Company Fund is a charity. It has a community agenda, not a political one -- and it supports causes and people from all walks of life. (Quote by - Cisco Codina)

No sound ought to be heard in the church but the healing voice of Christian charity. (Qutoe by - Edmund Burke)

The charity auction of this one-of-a-kind piano on eBay offers a unique opportunity for a fan or collector to own a major piece of music history while raising funds to support the critical work of prevention, education and treatment of Aids. (Quote by - Scott Campbell)

Of the last ten fights that he had, seven have been for charity. (Quote by - Ed Zbikowski)

Aside from cultural-religious reasons, the procedure is too costly. With a price tag of P1 million per transplant, we can operate on five to seven charity patients. So why use your scarce resources on a single operation?. (Quote by - Dr. Ludgerio Torres)

Charity: a thing that begins at home, and usually stays there. (Qutoe by - Elbert Hubbard)

Christmas gift suggestions:(Quote by - To an opponent, tolerance.)

Charity is a virtue of the heart, and not of the hands. (Qutoe by - Joseph Addison)

We will soon in the future go much more towards permission marketing, that's my guess. But it's important to point out that big brands will have a much easier time of it than small companies, or even charities who are looking for donations, for that matter. (Quote by - Axel Tandberg)

The living need charity more than the dead. (Quote by - George Arnold)

All of the charities we're involved with have touched me in one way or another on a personal level. There are about eight or nine charities that I support. (Quote by - Ferguson Jenkins)

We wanted to help this charity because they help so many families in their time of need, .. People don't realize the financial impact when a child is sick. You can't just leave your child unattended at the hospital. (Quote by - Allison Smith)

It's hugely embarrassing for the sector, .. I don't believe there is any malfeasance here. But . . . the notion that the Red Cross simply cannot track where the money is going feeds into this growing concern that charities cannot be trusted to spend their money wisely. (Quote by - Paul Light)

And thou I bestow all my good to feed the poor, and though I give my body to be burned, and have not charity, it profiteth me nothing. (Qutoe by - Bible)

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