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Lou was absolutely fearless, .. He's this charming, polite young man - until you turn the camera on. Then he dives out there without a net. And when he's onscreen, he draws your eye. It's a magnetic thing. (Quote by - Arie Posin)

Some civilized women would lose half their charm without dress and some would lose all of it. (Quote by - Mark Twain)

I don't think it's a stretch. I always knew Johnny was a good actor. But also, when you're looking for the ultimate, charming, redneck-scoundrel rascal, I think Johnny's the go-to guy. (Quote by - Quentin Tarantino)

Unless one is wealthy there is no use in being a charming fellow. Romance is the privilege of the rich, not the profession of the unemployed. The poor should be practical and prosaic. It is better to have a permanent income than to be fascinating. (Quote by - Oscar Wilde)

When a girl ceases to blush, she has lost the most powerful charm of her beauty. (Quote by - Gregory I)

In all that time, she still hasn't figured out where you can find a lovely but inexpensive house in a charming neighborhood. (Quote by - San Antonio)

Evolution is what it is. The upper classes have always died out; it's one of the most charming things about them. (Quote by - Germaine Greer)

May God grant you always..A sunbeam to warm you, a moonbeam to charm you, a sheltering Angel so nothing can harm you. Laughter to cheer you. Faithful friends near you. And whenever you pray, Heaven to hear you. (Quote by - Irish Blessings)

Lady Bird Johnson had that extra-special Southern charm that you just can't resist. Mrs. Goldwater was charming, too. And she was the smart one. She really didn't want to be the First Lady at all. And she got her wish. (Quote by - Norman Rockwell)

Believe me, if all those endearing young charms, / Which I gaze on so fondly to-day. (Quote by - Thomas More)

We have been lobbying for that for three years now. And the third time is going to be a charm. (Quote by - Jim Hirni)

By and large the literature of a democracy will never exhibit the order, regularity, skill, and art characteristic of aristocratic literature; formal qualities will be neglected or actually despised. The style will often be strange, incorrect, overburdened, and loose, and almost always strong and bold. Writers will be more anxious to work quickly than to perfect details. Short works will be commoner than long books, wit than erudition, imagination than depth. There will be a rude and untutored vigor of thought with great variety and singular fecundity. Authors will strive to astonish more than to please, and to stir passions rather than to charm taste. (Quote by - Alexis de Tocqueville)

At Christmas time I believe the things that children do. I believe with English children that holly placed in windows will protect our homes from evil. I believe with Swiss children that the touch of edelweiss will charm a person with love. (Quote by - Contributed by: Randi)

Brains, integrity, and force may be all very well, but what you need today is Charm. Go ahead and work on your economic programs if you want to, I'll develop my radio personality. (Quote by - Gracie Allen)

There is something about that hotel that has charm, .. I felt it right away. (Quote by - Ann Powell)

He was enormously creative, enormously successful, highly intelligent, witty, charming, and wickedly funny. (Quote by - Jim Stewart)

Hopefully, the third time will be the charm. It's just exciting to be in the finals. I won a state title in Junior Olympics, but high school is totally different. I'm eager to see what happens. (Quote by - Matt Moore)

New York state has a lot of charms, but it's naive to think other states don't have their own charms. New York has been making that naive mistake for too long and our population numbers prove it. (Quote by - Matthew Maguire)

We wanted to maintain the integrity of the older home, preserving the charm and feel. (Quote by - Tony Johnson)

He was very understanding, .. He was very kind. He was very charming. (Quote by - Charles Jackson)

Let me tell you how the French seduce you. They are the most bloody seductive people on Earth. They are charming, they are well-mannered and they praise and flatter you. (Quote by - Anita Roddick)

Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised. (Quote by - Bible)

He's exceptionally qualified as a manager. His charm and force of personality cause people to do what he wants. It just happens. (Quote by - Alice Schroeder)

You tried to charm them and fake them out, .. They saw you lie to them. I saw you lie. It was an insult to the court and to the system. (Quote by - Gerard Lynch)

I never thought that anyone who loved me could hurt me. Abuse is very subtle. Abusers are very subtle. Abusers are very charming. (Quote by - Hedda Nussbaum)

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