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The mistakes are all waiting to be made. (Quote by - Chessmaster Savielly Grigorievitch Tartakower)

Chess is war over the board. The object is to crush the opponents mind. (Quote by - Bobby Fischer)

After black's reply to .e with ..e, leaves him always trying to get into the game. (Quote by - Howard Staunton)

A single inattention may lose a chess game, whereas a single successful approach to a problem, among many which have been relegated to the wastebasket, will make a mathematician's reputation. (Quote by - Norbert Wiener)

I like the moment when I break a man's ego. (Quote by - Bobby Fischer)

Could we look into the head of a Chess player, we should see there a whole world of feelings, images, ideas, emotion and passion. (Quote by - Alfred Binet)

It is a gross overstatement, but in chess, it can be said I play against my opponent over the board and against myself on the clock. (Quote by - Viktor Korchnoi)

Chess is no whit inferior to the violin, and we have a large number of professional violinists. (Quote by - Mikhail Botvinnik)

For Democratic senators this is a vote of conscience, not a chess game, .. That's why Democratic senators are not voting in lockstep, unlike some partisans who cheerlead for anyone the White House picks, even before hearings are held. (Quote by - David Carle)

I am lucky, .. that the popular sport in the Soviet Union was chess and not baseball. (Quote by - Garry Kasparov)

They sought to get involved in Taiwan's domestic affairs .. to direct the chess game. (Quote by - Chen Shui-bian)

Pawns: they are the soul of this game, they alone form the attack and defense. (Quote by - Philidor)

Bobby Fischer has an enormous knowledge of chess and his familiarity with the chess literature of the USSR is immense. (Quote by - Boris Spassky)

Only the player with the initiative has the right to attack. (Quote by - Wilhelm Steinitz)

Mistrust is the most necessary characteristic of the Chess player. (Quote by - Siegbert Tarrasch)

They'll be competing with companies like Computer Associates. This is the opening move in a larger chess game. (Quote by - Phil Schacter)

Chess demands total concentration. (Quote by - Bobby Fischer)

It's like someone's attacking you as if they're playing checkers, but you're a master of chess. And so you use strategy, you use your mind. You don't rely on how strong you are. (Quote by - Tom Gohring)

We don't really know how the game was invented, though there are suspicions. As soon as we discover the culprits, we'll let you know. (Quote by - Bruce Pandolfini)

In Chess, at least, the brave inherit the earth. (Quote by - Edmar Mednis)

Life is like a game of Chess, changing with each move. (Quote by - Chinese proverb)

Pawn endings are to Chess what putting is to golf. (Quote by - Cecil Purdy)

I have added these principles to the law: get the Knights into action before both Bishops are developed. (Quote by - Emanuel Lasker)

Bridge is much more sociable than chess. To play bridge you have to be two, you and your partner, at least. And you're playing with lots of other people. (Quote by - Jennifer Pratt)

Chess is a terrible game. If you have no center, your opponent has a freer position. If you do have a center, then you really have something to worry about!. (Quote by - Siegbert Tarrasch)

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