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I would love to see churches start using their Web sites to present video profiles of people within their congregations so that the average person could get a sense of what the life of the church (not the organization, but the people - the true church) is really like. (Quote by - Frank Johnson)

The nearer the church, the further from God. (Quote by - Bishop Lancelot Andrews)

The stations of the cross in a Czech church run in reverse of what you would find in other churches. They start on the front left (facing the altar), Mary's side and the traditional women's side of the church, and proceed around to the front right, Joseph's or men's side, which is the reverse of what you find elsewhere. (Quote by - Mary Rankin)

If the church could catch a vision for using video technology to present an authentic presentation of the life of the church - not rehearsed videos, but spontaneous records of conversations, laughing with one another, weeping with one another, people sharing their lives, etc. - the average person might take notice. (Quote by - Frank Johnson)

Until our mission with the Christian Church is over, we must quote the Bible and use it to explain the Divine Principle. After we receive the inheritance of the Christian Church, we will be free to teach without the Bible. Now, however, our primary mission is to witness to the Christian Church. (Quote by - Sun Myung Moon)

She the Roman Church thoroughly understands what no other Church has ever understood, how to deal with enthusiasts. (Quote by - Thomas Babington Macaulay)

It could open up the floodgates to pastors and churches across the state. The Constitution and the case law say that internal church matters are to be decided by the individuals who make up those organizations. (Quote by - Kelly Shackelford)

It is a big deal when a church gets a bell. This church has been here since 1925, and our steeple has never had a bell. (Quote by - David Williamson)

The government should not become the church and the church should not become the state, .. We've seen the consequences of that. Just look at the Taliban. (Quote by - Jim Towey)

There is a trend in evangelical Christianity to mark themselves off as different. They talk about a post denominational age. They are part of a group of churches that have a seeker mentality. They are trying to reach a group of folks that may not have a significant understanding of religion. They see the contemporary look of the church. It feels down-to-earth. It's non-threatening. It's really designed for folks to come in off the streets. (Quote by - Albert Miller)

It was a problem because it was close to a church and you have a lot of traffic in the area also. Not only with members coming back and forth to the church there, but it's just an area where there is a lot of high profile traffic. (Quote by - Tony Green)

My foundation donated to his church building fund and to a Katrina relief effort that his church sponsored. That's it. Period. (Quote by - Richard Scrushy)

Ours is a very eclectic offering. We're affiliated with the church but we're not just offering church music. Our philosophy is that we wanted to bring quality music to the entire valley and let everyone enjoy it since we have a fine venue. (Quote by - John Wright)

We met the first day and sang in the choir together, .. We played guitar at churches. We used to borrow the priests' guitars and take the microphones from church to sing. So many times we would sing in the bathrooms in Cathedral because the acoustics were awesome. (Quote by - Robert Vega)

You can be committed to Church but not committed to Christ, but you cannot be committed to Christ and not committed to church. (Quote by - Joel Osteen)

MedOne is part of the Roman Catholic identity of St. Joseph Hospital, so when you speak about a church, you can define it in many ways, .. A church can be a building, and it can also be an organization of ministries that provide for the spiritual well-being of people .. for me the whole sense of 'church' is much broader than the four walls in which you go to worship. (Quote by - Catherine Kelly)

I do not see it as a substitute for going to church. People go to church to congregate with other people. (Quote by - Steve Jones)

I grew up in the Baptist Church. But you know, when you work with superstars you are always concerned with stroking their egos. You have to tell them how great they are every day. After a while it gets kind of ridiculous. I wanted to do something with real people, so I went back to the church and the music I grew up with. (Quote by - Allen Bailey)

He had just served as the best man in a recent wedding. He was an adult volunteer who helped out at youth activities, which is a common practice in every church. Like many other people in our church, I was completely caught off guard and shocked by this. It seemed completely out of character for him. (Quote by - Chris Richey)

We talked about how Sunday morning is so segregated, with white churches and black churches. (Quote by - Michael Hunter)

In the 20th century, the position of the monarch as head of the Church of England was given a meaning which it never had before, .. You took the fact that the monarch was head of the Church of England to mean that the British monarchy was itself a religious or moral institution and the monarchy became a symbol of national public morality. (Quote by - David Starkey)

If you can get a spiritual connection without going to church, why go to church?. (Quote by - Brian Kenny)

It is not about the pasture of the sheep, but about their wool. (Quote by - Gabriel Paleotti)

We came down on behalf of the Blue Star Mothers, .. Our church, Word of Life Fellowship Church, donated $1,000. (Quote by - Jill Anderson)

We didn't bring this church to the United States to be another Nigerian church. (Quote by - Ajibike Akinkoye)

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