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I took this same class in 1978 and went to work for Burlington for 23 years and now here I am teaching the same class I took. I am a firm believer in vocational education. (Quote by - Darrell McDaniel)

I have to live for others and not for myself: that's middle-class morality. (Quote by - George Bernard Shaw)

There are only two classes in good society in England the equestrian classes and the neurotic classes. (Quote by - George Bernard Shaw)

Steve is a guy who is really good for kids, .. He showed a lot of class in the transition. It's one of those things that can't be easy for the guy who had the program. But he did it with such grace and class, it helped us. (Quote by - John Shillito)

He was in class the first day with his collar on. That was the miracle part for me, three weeks and two days after his surgery he was sitting in class at VCS. (Quote by - Dean Thorn)

We have a waiting list to get into classes, and we expect double the number of people than the 13 we can fit in class. (Quote by - Sherman Krasney)

True terror is to wake up one morning and discover that your high school class is running the country. (Quote by - Kurt Vonnegut)

Thehistoryofall hithertoexisting society isthehistoryof class struggles. (Quote by - Marx)

What is most important for democracy is not that great fortunes should not exist, but that great fortunes should not remain in the same hands. In that way there are rich men, but they do not form a class. (Quote by - Alexis de Tocqueville)

It's a learning experience and a great way to see what other first-class petty officers have to offer. The speakers have been very informative and I've learned a lot just talking to the other first class petty officers here. (Quote by - Jose Diaz)

He could be the sleeper in this class. He was hurt in the summer and didn't play. But he could push Ohio State's class ahead of North Carolina. (Quote by - Bob Gibbons)

Lady Hodmarsh and the duchess immediately assumed the clinging affability that persons of rank assume with their inferiors in order to show them that they are not in the least conscious of any difference in station between them. (Quote by - W. Somerset Maugham)

It's a process. You can't do it overnight. We've had one full recruiting class, which we think will be pretty good when it's all said and done. What we need to do is bring in another good recruiting class and build from there. (Quote by - Lon Kruger)

On a voulu, a' tort, faire de la bourgeoisie une classe. La bourgeoisie est tout simplement la portion content e du peuple. Le bourgeois, c'est l'homme qui a maintenant le temps de s'asseoir.Une chaise n'est pas une caste. Humboldt Wrongly, one wanted to make the bourgeoisie a class. The bourgeoisie is simply a contented section of the public. A bourgeois is a man who now has the time to sit down. A chair is not a caste. (Quote by - Hugo,Victor Marie)

They increasingly have the same aspirations and concerns as the middle class everywhere. The environment is a key issue for the middle class, and they are putting pressure on the government to act on improving it. (Quote by - Andy Rothman)

Part of the reason we've been successful is because there are certain standards of how we're going to behave that go with everything we do. If you don't meet those standards, there are going to be consequences. Coach always talks about attitude, commitment and first-class. And punching someone in the nuts is not a first-class way of doing things. (Quote by - Chris Caputo)

Historically and politically, the petit-bourgeois is the key to the century. The bourgeois and proletariat classes have become abstractions: the petite-bourgeoisie, in contrast, is everywhere, you can see it everywhere, even in the areas of the bourgeois and the proletariat, what's left of them. (Quote by - Roland Barthes )

The working-class is now issuing from its hiding-place to assert an Englishman's heaven-born privilege of doing as he likes, and is beginning to perplex us by marching where it likes, meeting where it likes, bawling what it likes, breaking what it likes. (Quote by - Matthew Arnold )

If a working class Englishman saw a bloke drive past in a Rolls-Royce, he'd say to himself "Come the social revolution and we'll take that away from you, mate". Whereas if his American counterpart saw a bloke drive past in a Cadillac he'd say "One day I'm going to own one of those". To my way of thinking the first attitude is wrong. The latter is right. (Quote by - Kerry Packer)

The enemy of society is middle class and the enemy of life is middle age. (Quote by - Orson Welles)

It's an extremely great class for us. This year's class builds on our previous two and has established a foundation for us to build championships. (Quote by - Mark Dantonio)

For simplicity one can think of the + class as having one extra base at some point or other in the genetic message and the - class as having one too few. (Quote by - Francis Crick)

It is common to distinguish necessaries, comforts, and luxuries; the first class including all things required to meet wants which must be satisfied, while the latter consist of things that meet wants of a less urgent character. (Quote by - Alfred Marshall)

To tax the community for the advantage of a class is not protection: it is plunder. (Quote by - Benjamin Disraeli)

A second-class effort is a first-class mistake. (Quote by - William Arthur Ward)

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