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I'll probably just train back in Columbus with a bunch of my teammates before those guys leave. I'll get ready from there. (Quote by - Santonio Holmes)

This is mainly going to alleviate overcrowding at Double Churches. We're going to let fifth-graders who get assigned from those two schools to North Columbus remain at their schools, if their parents want them to continue there and they apply for a hardship. Students in the other grades can apply for a hardship, but we will look at space available. (Quote by - Jennifer Allen)

Christopher Columbus was the first socialist: he did t know where he was going, he did t know where he wa and he did it all at taxpayers expense. (Quote by - Winston Churchill)

His bark The daring mariner shall urge far o'er The Western wave, a smooth and level plain, Albeit the earth is fashioned like a wheel. (Quote by - Luigi Pulci)

Obviously, Columbus wanted him and it's nice to be where people want you. (Quote by - Mike Babcock)

He stands out among the beacon lights of history as a man of vision dominated by a definite purpose. (Quote by - John George Jones)

Megan has been a leader with our fitness standards since she arrived in Columbus. It is hard to see her career end with an injury. (Quote by - Lori Walker)

Our expectations were higher than what happened here. We weren't up to snuff today but it has been a good season. Columbus Junction has a good team but I felt like we did not show the desire to wrestle to our ability. (Quote by - Bob Dyer)

It's normal for our buses and bags to be inspected. That's the times we live in. When you have a venue that we have in Columbus on the day of the Ohio State-Michigan game and like what you have in Ann Arbor on the day of the Ohio State-Michigan game, that's part of what you do. We regret if there were any surprises a year ago. They weren't intended. (Quote by - Jim Tressel)

Columbus, bringing in Adam Foote was a huge pickup for them. (Quote by - Adrian Aucoin)

I'm very pleased. Greenwood is making progress. We're tied for 36 in this ranking. We made that list last year for the first time. We were down about where Columbus is now. (Quote by - Allan Hammons)

In situations like that, I am. I was so elated for the team, but for this kid . . . We've sent him back and forth to Columbus. He waited for the tap on the shoulder with some of the moves we've made and he didn't get it. (Quote by - Joe Torre)

The view is very, very, very good. The Columbus economy will shift from first gear, where it is right now, into second or third gear this year, and then upward from there. (Quote by - Jeff Humphreys)

The conversion of the existing plant will provide for the retention of a skilled and experienced group of employees, thereby avoiding a plant closing and the loss of well-paid jobs in the Columbus community. (Quote by - Peter Kelly)

We are disappointed. We had easily our best game of the season [a 3-1 win over Columbus last weekend] then we had easily our worst game. Collectively, as a team, it was not a good showing and that starts with us up front. (Quote by - Taylor Twellman)

We pay our property taxes and buy our license plates in David City and that's about it. We do go to Bellwood occasionally for a steak, but from where we live Columbus is very convenient. (Quote by - Bob Earley)

Sailed this day nineteen leagues, and determined to count less than the true number, that the crew might not be dismayed if the voyage should prove long. (Quote by - Christopher Columbus)

She always stood up and said we're going to stop Columbus from eating up lots of the land. She helped a lot with getting Norton Road widened. She always said the roads weren't safe. (Quote by - Dan Province)

We didn't do what we usually do. Columbus had its legs early and they brought it to us. (Quote by - Dan Cleary)

It was the opportunity to see high school football and see the stands full. I'm not saying that Columbus doesn't play good high school football. But Valdosta is a traditional powerhouse and was ranked No. 2 in the state. (Quote by - Ahmand Tinker)

It's an honor to play with him, ... I grew up watching him and pretending I was him. (Quote by - Rick Nash)

We've done the same things the last eight years, but we didn't run our base plays very well, ... That's unusual and a little disheartening. Personally, for me as a coach, Columbus Lakeview deserves to win because they've had a number of times in the last few years where they really had us on the ropes and we'd come out on the right end. (Quote by - Joel Johnson)

Following a comprehensive, top-to-bottom review of the 2003 season with our ownership group, we are pleased to announce that Greg and Robert will be Crew coaches for the 2004 season. We continue to believe that they are well-suited to lead the Columbus Crew and provide us the greatest opportunity to succeed at this time. (Quote by - Jim Smith)

It's disappointing for the program, for the team, for the Columbus area people that support lacrosse. I think that's the most disappointing part for the players, getting a chance to play a team of that caliber in our backyard. (Quote by - Joe Breschi)

It has been awesome for me at the same time, Christopher Columbus set sail once, and everyone said he was crazy. Coach does things the right way and he cares about the kids. That makes it easier for me. (Quote by - Dan Hawkins)

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