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I saw a boy of the crew purchasing javelins of them with bits of platters and broken glass. (Quote by - Christopher Columbus)

Once we have collected the 500 signatures, we will send our application in to the city of Columbus. While they are reviewing the application, we will hold an election for the seven to 21 people who would make up the commission. (Quote by - Tony Lococo)

My brother lives in Columbus, so every once in a while he'll send me an e-mail with a link. It's hard to not be thinking about Ohio State at times. (Quote by - Pat Massey)

They didn't throw me on one of the top lines, but they didn't keep me out as a healthy scratch, either. I think Dave King and Doug were using me well, and I think it was good development for me. I couldn't think of a better team to come to for a young guy than Columbus. You aren't just going to jump in and be a star player at 18. It's tough to be a star in the NHL. I just fit in and played my role on the third line, and just kind of hit and chipped in with a goal here or there when I could. (Quote by - Rick Nash)

I am really looking forward to joining Columbus, coming in and working extremely hard. We want to win championships, that is our goal. (Quote by - Jason Garey)

How often do you go to an exhibit and see something that traveled with Christopher Columbus (Quote by - Carter Lupton)

Columbus taught us to ignore the humanity of a certain group of people. (Quote by - Dan Green)

He came out swinging, and they hit the ball hard. It's just the first game. Everything gets magnified on the first game. Things get blown out of proportion. It's just one game. There's a lot of games to go. (Quote by - Chris Coste)

It is true that a lot of ordinary people thought the world was flat. But in Portugal [where Columbus trained as a sailor] the first thing that they did was a little demonstration to prove that the Earth was round. All of the scientists and intellectuals believed that the Earth was round. (Quote by - Patricia Seed)

This disastrous development for Taft and the Ohio Republicans opens a great opportunity for the Democrats next year to argue for a complete housecleaning in Columbus. (Quote by - Alec Lamis)

Imagination has brought mankind through the dark ages to its present state of civilization. Imagination led Columbus to discover America. Imagination led Franklin to discover electricity. (Quote by - L. Frank Baum)

His foresight and his total dedication of himself to preservation and the arts in general in Columbus has added tremendously to the cultural opportunities available today. (Quote by - Janice Biggers)

Because it [the CAA] is a new world, what would you call it, a Columbus complex? It's going to be interesting. We don't know a lot about that league ... (Quote by - Michael Perry)

A ship in harbor is safe - but that is not what ships are for. (Quote by - John A. Shedd)

I was the perfect guy to do Harry Potter. I remember leaving the meeting, getting in my car, and driving for about two hours along Mulholland Drive just so angry. I mean, Chris Columbus' versions are terrible. Just dull. Pedestrian. (Quote by - Terry Gilliam)

That's no disrespect to Columbus there's a lot of great teams up there. But Southwest Ohio is just getting better and better. By going to Columbus, you don't have to see some teams three or four times. (Quote by - Keith Castner)

I love it. It's all good to me. Whether I'm performing in New York, L.A., Columbus or Des Moines, I give 110 percent every night. (Quote by - Bret Michaels)

Well, they're going to be back out again. I?m going to see them again. Something needs to be done in Columbus to show them there is reason why you should not do this again. (Quote by - Carl Covey)

Yeah, I'm used to seeing him race these cars. Coming from Columbus, he's just another person to me. (Quote by - Greg Jones)

They could have been down after the Pittsville loss, but they weren't. We had lost to this team earlier in the year and they played well. It just shows the difference from one night to the next what can happen. (Quote by - Tom Stoffel)

It's a real advantage. It's a drain on young kids to travel. They don't eat regularly and don't sleep regularly tremendous advantage. (Quote by - Gene Sooley)

We have a game Saturday and then 14 days, so yes, I think we will have an announcement. (Quote by - Doug Hamilton)

This weekend is going to be kind of special. Some of my cousins are from the Columbus area so I'm going to have a pretty large crowd. (Quote by - Nick Meyer)

We specialize in low-income housing projects. We have similar housing projects all over Indiana, and one in Columbus, Ohio. (Quote by - Dave Cooper)

Every great advance in science has issued from a new audacity of imagination. (Quote by - John Dewey)

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