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But the fact that some geniuses were laughed at does not imply that all who are laughed at are geniuses. They laughed at Columbus, they laughed at Fulton, they laughed at the Wright brothers. But they also laughed at Bozo the Clown. (Quote by - Dr. Carl Sagan)

We lost a couple players and our rotation got a little messed up. We found a way to win. Obviously, this is a team on the other side that has been finding ways to win. There's no quit in Columbus. We knew they were going to come back. We maybe have to show a little bit more poise in our own end late in games. (Quote by - Brendan Shanahan)

I had a good floor routine. It was not my best score, but they were judging harder. It was one of my highest vault scores all year. Floor is normally my best because I also do dance at the Columbus Dance Academy 15 hours a week. I just have to keep working on perfecting everything this week. I know I can do better than I did at district in pretty much every event. (Quote by - Jill Rickly)

He gave the world another world. (Quote by - George Santayana)

I like the fact that we're not playing at altitude, and Columbus is as good a venue as we can select. We have no excuses. We need to step on the field and win. (Quote by - Bruce Arena)

In a museum in Havana there are two skulls of Christopher Columbus, one when he was a boy and one when he was a man.Ӕ(Quote by - Mark Twain)

Every game is there to be won. This is our first opportunity. We'll be keen and I'm sure Columbus will be keen. So we'll want to win the first one, the second one and the 16th one. (Quote by - Bob Gansler)

At this point, it's just a matter of getting all our ducks in line. There are grants, plans being put together with Columbus, and getting local people together. (Quote by - Bob Newman)

It's disturbing. Columbus played yesterday in L.A., and they had more life and jump than we did in the first, probably 25 minutes. We have to find a way to take responsibility for that. (Quote by - Randy Carlyle)

This is something I've dreamed of my whole high school career. I can't wait to get up to Columbus and play. (Quote by - Katie Paganelli)

I've never had the opportunity to play these kinds of scenes or tell this kind of a story. [Filming] was so much fun and such a discovery for me, I felt like Columbus. (Quote by - Jenna Elfman)

Columbus High has made a lot of strides. Beating them twice would be a chore. (Quote by - John Spurlock)

What faith in man must in our new world beat, Thinking how once he saw before his face The west and all the host of stars retreat Into the silent infinite of space. (Quote by - George Edward Woodberry)

Overall, the Columbus economy is pretty dramatically underperforming the U.S. as a whole. (Quote by - Bill LaFayette)

It's the same thing I've said about this conference since I've been at Columbus State. It's really anybody's game. It's not a given against anybody that you play. Every day is a whole new day. I guess that's the best thing if you're not doing well and not so good if you're doing well. (Quote by - Tiffany Tootle)

Continued their course west till the afternoon, then southwest and discovered that what they had taken for land was nothing but clouds. (Quote by - Christopher Columbus)

I think it's going to be a pretty exciting dual. Columbus is a very talented team. It should be a pretty good battle. (Quote by - Kevin Brisker)

Two hundred carcasses hanging in cold storage at Ranchland Meats in Butte, Mont., have been impounded by FSIS Circuit Supervisor Dr. Jeffrey Legg. Many of those carcasses were 4-H market animal projects exhibited and sold at the local county fair. Other plants located in Beaverhead County, Columbus, Mont., and Missoula, Mont., have also been targeted by FSIS.] I am very concerned about the actions of USDA to close beef processing plants in Montana, ... The timing of this action is disturbing. We hope USDA is not taking this action in retribution for MCA, R-CALF USA and Governor Schweitzer's recent actions to protect the Montana cow herd from Canadian bovine spongiform encephalopathy. Governor Schweitzer purchased a 4-H pig during the Lewis and Clark County Fair, and that carcass is hanging at the Butte plant targeted for closure by USDA. (Quote by - Dennis McDonald)

Not just Mexico. Columbus should be the home of any big game. There's absolutely no doubt about that.To be able to play in front of a decidedly pro-American crowd for both Mexico games, and to win them both 2-0, is fantastic for everybody. (Quote by - Kasey Keller)

Riches don`t make a man rich, they only make him busier. (Quote by - Christopher Columbus)

When you're playing with only 13 guys, and is on the power play 12 times, that'll wear you down. (Quote by - Mark Richards)

As you get down to the last six or seven games, the points are very important. We knew it would be a real dogfight, a battle, with a team like Columbus coming at us. Getting the first goal was very important for us. (Quote by - Dave Sarachan)

Our kids ran well. Our girls ran great. We certainly felt that could have run a little bit better, but probably felt the same way. We think we're a contender. (Quote by - Chuck Koeppen)

It is awesome getting a couple goals in Columbus. It is only an hour from where I went to college, ... My family lives there too. I had a lot of friends and family come out. I don't know how many people were here, but I gave away a lot of tickets tonight, that's all I'll say. (Quote by - Chris Rolfe)

The meaning of it is Columbus got on that boat and a lot of people told him not to go out there because they said the world was flat. And he just kept going and he found the new world. ... There's a lot of people telling you can't do it, but you know what? That doesn't mean you don't go and try. (Quote by - Bill Cowher)

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