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Unless upcoming speeches indicate that other FOMC members are beginning to shift their views, we do not believe Olson's dissent represents the start of a broader movement within the FOMC toward slowing the pace of rate hikes. (Quote by - Barclays Capital)

One of his goals is to continue working with the legislative committee he has formed. That committee will be looking at ways we may be able to affect or get our views known about state actions that impact our district. (Quote by - Suzanne McLeod)

There will be members on the platform committee, the rules committee, the credentials committee and I'm expecting Sen.McCain to take a leading role in the convention and in the campaign. (Quote by - Andrew Card)

Texas is a place where there are no limits on individual or political committee contributions and donations can and do exceed $100,000. (Quote by - Alan Miller)

We've talked about no fewer than six and no more than eight. But that's not set in concrete. We had some discussion with the owners about whether the committee should be one owner for each division, or whether there was any one factor that could determine how the committee would be composed. (Quote by - Paul Tagliabue)

The matter was discussed by the Special Circumstances Committee late Wednesday and the decision to seek death was made by the chairman of the committee, Assistant Dist. Atty. Curt Hazell. (Quote by - Sandi Gibbons)

It's interesting that at a time when she could have differentiated herself from the ranks of [Democratic National Committee Chairman] Howard Dean and Nancy Pelosi and the far left ranks of the Democratic Party, she chose to join those on the front ranks of the blame game, It would have been interesting if she had shown some level of restraint. (Quote by - Brian Jones)

Although the House Judiciary Committee's base bill does not expand the Patriot Act in the unwise and unwarranted way the Senate Intelligence Committee proposed, it can and must be modified to ensure that Patriot powers are focused on terrorists and not ordinary Americans. (Quote by - Lisa Graves)

The committee goal is to have a party for the ducks, not on the ducks. Local donations help the committee achieve those high returns. (Quote by - Dan Olson)

He is entitled to speak as a member of the Congress Working Committee. It doesn't mean he is speaking on behalf of the Congress party in that sense. (Quote by - Abhishek Manu Singhvi)

Hopefully, this proved to the committee we should have been seeded No. 4. I'm proud of these guys. They've worked extremely hard in the room, and they've been underestimated by a lot of people. I feel great for them. (Quote by - Vince Testa)

I don't know how you can have a celebration when you have something like this going on in the community. I'm going to put a little fire on that committee, because I don't see how you can just stand aside and say 'I'm not involved.' It raises a flag in my head what kind of committee that really is. (Quote by - Shelby Williams)

It will be passed on to the Executive Committee and it will be acted on at April meeting. (Quote by - Kent Barrett)

We had a member of the selection committee speak to our spring committee. He told us the RPI is not even considered by them. He said they do not even have access to the RPI. that it is just something for the media to talk about. (Quote by - Doc Sadler)

I always got the feeling that utility lobbyists could get a hearing any time they wanted to and did, and I always got the feeling that the Committee of Consumer Services was barely tolerated, In the eight years that I was there, I was probably approached two or three times by a legislator who wanted the committee perspective on something. (Quote by - Roger Ball)

In no way is the public interest clear to me. Between 2000 and 2004, we were in regulatory turmoil. We had different committees, a standing committee of health and a minister of health saying there was confusion about the regulation of these types of products. (Quote by - Shawn Buckley)

We've been able to get in touch with seven committee members so far, and all have agreed that it's consistent with the original motion. (Quote by - John Burnett)

We are excited to join the IAB and participate in its various committees. We strive to innovate in the field of search engine marketing and are happy to join current IAB members in furthering the growth of our industry. (Quote by - Andy Steuer)

There is not one committee more important than the other. Each committee needs to research every possible opportunity and expect nothing but the best for the camp and the children it will serve. (Quote by - Rosemary Opbroek)

The world is proof that God is a committee. (Quote by - Bob Stokes)

We believe that he's [Burton] disqualified himself because of the way he's conducted himself; he has not been shown to be impartial and objective; he has put out hundreds of subpoenas without a vote from the committee for the first time in the history of the committee; and lately he's been putting out edited transcripts of what should have been confidential conversations, but he's gone the further step of editing them to make them look bad for the administration. (Quote by - Richard Gephardt)

As you might imagine, the institutional review board is a fairly sophisticated committee with experienced research and regulatory people who meet on a regular basis. We, of course, did not intend to deploy any such committee to Iraq. (Quote by - Col. Lee Cancio)

In inner-party politics, these methods lead, as we shall yet see, to this: the party organization substitutes itself for the party, the central committee substitutes itself for the organization, and, finally, a ''dictator'' substitutes himself for the central committee. (Quote by - Leon Trotsky)

Everything is unusal, the rest of life is sleep and committee meetings. (Quote by - Hannah Hout)

Just look at the Judiciary Committee, You have some people on the Judiciary Committee who may well decide not to send the nomination to the floor, and now it all depends on what Democrats do. (Quote by - Barbara Boxer)

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