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He wanted the Cleveland community to have the very best medical care and hospital and he accomplished that goal during the 30 years he owned the hospital. When he felt he could no longer provide the best medical care, he sold it to a larger company who could provide the care he wanted for Cleveland. He was very dedicated to his profession and wanted nothing but the best for the community. (Quote by - Rayline Barnett)

Nelson brought us to Texas. And now we're going to use cotton seed oil or used cooking oil to produce two million gallons of fuel for this community. Every community will experiment with what works best in their community. Cotton can't be grown in all areas, but the local farmers know what grows best and they can rotate their crops to reduce the need for pesticides. (Quote by - Bob King)

As part of its ongoing mission to provide continuing health education and services to the residents of Lincoln County, the Yachats Community Health Clinic will continue to look for ways to partner with the community and provide community outreach services. (Quote by - Leslie Carter)

Effective communicators are the most powerful people in the world. (Quote by - Jeffrey Benjamin)

If you have a privately owned system, there's going to be monies leaving the community that will go towards shareholder dividends and high salaries. If you have a community owned, municipally owned facility, those extra resources are being reinvested in the community and they can be going to weatherization and other projects that are vested in the community. (Quote by - Bill Simmons)

The release of crude oil from Murphy Oil turned a community otherwise contaminated by floodwater into a community contaminated by toxicants. The dominant issue is the necessity of a community-wide cleanup. (Quote by - Joe Bruno)

It's a real sincere effort to listen to the community, which we didn't do a good job of doing the first time. Communication is key, as far as getting the right message out and getting it out so it reaches everybody. (Quote by - Ruth Kelly)

One of the lessons of 9/11 and (Hurricane) Katrina was 'communication, communication, communication, .. We don't want to have to say 'should have, could have, would have.'. (Quote by - Mufi Hannemann)

Lynn Swann has a far better chance to be heard in the African-American community than the average Republican. It's critically important for him to be visible and for him to come into the community and talk about his platform and issues specific to the African-American community. (Quote by - Randall Taylor)

I've felt there's no communication or not enough communication between the public and the school board. It would be my goal to help to facilitate some communication. (Quote by - Larry Cohen)

These buildings are the history of the community and they represent the human history of the community, .. There is just so much going on in Old South Baton Rouge that the rest of the community doesn't appreciate, and it's because they don't know. (Quote by - Jay Edwards)

Competitive debate builds confidence, improves academic achievement, and develops leadership skills. The Houston Urban Debate League is bringing competitive debate into more high schools across the city, and that is great news for our schools and for our community. With the HUDL leading the charge, Great Debaters will develop and thrive throughout Houston. (Quote by - Harvin Moore)

The Cisco Unified Communications system is the first true second-generation Internet Protocol (IP) Communications system providing not just telephone services, but rather a rich communications environment that seamlessly integrates voice, video and data collaboration in one system. It is also the first new Cisco system to fully support Cisco SONA, announced in December 2005. Cisco SONA extends the power of the network to optimize applications, processes and resources to deliver greater business benefits to enterprises. By building on Cisco SONA, Cisco Unified Communications leverages network intelligence to greatly simplify the day-to-day challenges of collaboration with colleagues. (Quote by - Charles Giancarlo)

Illinois State has done a great job at recruiting players, and the players are excited to stay in this community to play professionally. We're lucky to have two top-notch universities in this community. (Quote by - Ted Schmitz)

Evil communication corrupts good manners. I hope to live to hear that good communication corrects bad manners. (Quote by - Benjamin Banneker)

So, I always try to encourage people to use this kind of environment to reposition themselves into the right areas, and I think you want to focus particularly on the communications sector, on businesses that improve the bandwidth of the communications network. (Quote by - Roger McNamee)

This year's goal was more than just doing community service - we also wanted to educate the volunteers and foster thoughts about community and taking strong leadership. Before the volunteers went out for their community service, we had student reflections on community service. (Quote by - Princy Thottathil)

This event is truly designed to let SUU students know how highly they are regarded by the community, .. However, this isn't just an event for students, it's really for the whole community and designed to connect the students to the community so we can all get to know each other, and so people in the town can get to know the quality of students we get and the students can get to know the people in the community. (Quote by - Larry Baker)

Hell, I would be terrified if Hollywood showed up in my community and was going to pick a scab, .. The other thing was: 'How are the men going to be portrayed?' You have to understand what the men struggled for. At the end of the day, it was survival for both sexes. That doesn't justify the behavior, but in this community, this mine was the one thing they considered theirs and their fathers' and brothers'. The women were taking jobs in a community where there were no jobs to be taken. (Quote by - Charlize Theron)

He was really loved by the community. This is one way that our community has reached out to maintain his legacy. We were pleased to see many individuals as well as organizations honor a man that our community cared so much about. (Quote by - Scott Graham)

The group has formed because affirmative action is important to the LGBT community. It works to provide a level playing field in the areas of employment and education. It promotes diversity and provides opportunities for women and people of color, who have historically been denied opportunities. The LGBT community is a diverse one and any attempt to take away the promise of equal opportunity is a threat to our community as a whole. (Quote by - Jay Kaplan)

His right and left brain are talking to each other more these days. The one is an atheist Marxist and the other is a Christian socialist. (Quote by - O Anna Niemus)

Public broadcasters, libraries and museums have a unique ability to connect people to their communities, and communities to the resources, ideas, and knowledge that they need to solve problems. Using these grants, public broadcasters, museums, and libraries in the seven communities will be able address local concerns in tangible and valuable ways. (Quote by - Patricia Harrison)

The fact that the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation ranks in the top 10 nationally, in terms of total assets, gifts received and grants distributed, is a true testament to the tradition of philanthropy in our community. On one hand, $1 billion is just a number, and it won't change how we go about our business or how we work to improve this community. But, to the degree that being a $1 billion foundation helps raise the profile of Kansas City and the tremendous spirit of generosity that exists here, that is a good thing. (Quote by - Laura McKnight)

There are some communities that feel you shouldn't give them the publicity, because it's just going to make people curious. There are communities who feel we need to fight them tooth and nail. What we have seen, though, is that ignoring them does not make them go away. If we sit back and let them have free reign, we lose members of our community. (Quote by - Mark Powers)

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