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I'm not sure frankly how large it is. .in comparison to other missions launched in the past couple of years against the insurgents. (Quote by - Dan Harris)

I don't think it hits you when you're in the audience how big a crowd actually is. When we look out at Carnegie Hall, we will feel so small in comparison (to the audience). But then you realize you're there because you worked so hard for it. (Quote by - Michelle Ammerman)

How we did it before wasn't a fair comparison. It wasn't an apples to apples comparison. (Quote by - Oliver Friedrichs)

Some say, that Seignior Bononchini Compar'd to Handel's a mere Ninny; Others aver, to him, that Handel Is scarcely fit to hold a candle. Strange! that such high Disputes shou'd be 'Twixt Tweedledum and Tweedledee. (Quote by - John Byrom)

The fact is most Caucasians, most American Indians, don't have much time for this issue at all, . . They don't think it's really important when you look at things like unemployment, the need for economic development, health care needs, education, methamphetamines - all the big issues of the day - this one pales and shrinks almost to nothing in comparison. (Quote by - Charles Kupchella)

We expect the forthcoming interim results to be poor in comparison to 2004, although it has to be said the vast majority of profits are made in the second half in the run- in to Christmas. (Quote by - David O'Brien)

We miss our families, and my little fellow started kindergarten this week, and my wife's having to pick up the slack, so it's tough being away, . . But all of that pales in comparison to what these people are going through. (Quote by - Brendan Murphy)

In many cases, it will connect itself with preexisting factions and will enlist all the animosities, the partialities, the influence and the interest in one side or the other. And in such cases, it will always be dangerous that the decision will be regulated more by a comparison of strength of the parties, rather than the demonstration of innocence or guilt. (Quote by - Alexander Hamilton)

In comparison with a year ago, the biggest improvement reflected cost reductions and favorable net pricing. (Quote by - Don Leclair)

Whirlpool is hitting on all cylinders despite a challenging cost environment. You're going to see underlying profitability improve significantly in the near term with new product innovation and easier comparisons. (Quote by - Craig Hutson)

It's an inconvenience. But it pales in comparison to getting your car stolen. (Quote by - Charles Territo)

What are they going to do for an encore? . . Anyone else they choose is going to pale in comparison. (Quote by - Charles Cook)

The situations have different issues. Here we're seeing a bending and stretching of the rules. Over there the rules are totally crushed. . .We have an accounting standards board and a fairly strict set of standards. Yes, we're seeing some problems. But by comparison they are nothing like the problems in Japan. (Quote by - Bob Brusca)

I don?t think anyone believes Venezuela can launch an attack using transport planes. Venezuela is buying light rifles, transport aircraft, helicopters. There is no real comparison. (Quote by - Enrique Obando)

The only way to know color management works is to compare input and output, and your lighting environment impacts that comparison. At some point, you need controlled lighting to keep the comparison stable and non- variable. If you don?t have a fixed point to judge against, you have nothing. (Quote by - Robert McCurdy)

There is no comparison. It's just not a glorified job. (Quote by - Bernard Thompson)

The near- term is fraught with more questions than answers. Sales comparisons are likely to toughen dramatically going forward. (Quote by - Todd Slater)

The president will draw some historical comparisons between the war that we were fighting then and . . the global war that we're engaged in now. (Quote by - Scott McClellan)

Leeward is an area that's continuing to grow, even though the overall market on Oahu has slowed down. It's interesting to note how healthy those sales are in comparison to the rest of the island. (Quote by - Harvey Shapiro)

It's not an apples- to- apples comparison. Yes, there are less expensive plans, but they don't offer comparable coverage to the union's plan. (Quote by - Deborah Chernoff)

It's extremely difficult to make any comparison (between the two investigations). School officials can act on a reasonable cause - say a student reports an incident - and conduct a search. But, law enforcement requires probable cause. (Quote by - Terry Kerr)

I think we should take another couple of weeks and get other bids. We need a basis of comparison. (Quote by - Harry Williams)

However, our 2007 unit forecast includes an upward desktop unit revision (to 6.3 percent from 0.3 percent) due to the potential benefits of Vista post- launch and a downward notebook revision (to 18.2 percent from 27.7 percent) due to difficult year- over- year comparisons. (Quote by - Harry Blount)

I wonder if all the disclosures about Kennedy's tawdry nature in the White House - - about his affairs - - has something to do with it, . . I think that the comparisons being drawn between Clinton and Kennedy do not look favorably on either of them, and I think people may have lost some of their respect for Kennedy. (Quote by - David Farber)

In the absence of that, I am happy to play solo, but I don't think there is any comparison. (Quote by - Derek Bailey)

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