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Honda has made it very clear that our preference is to have competition. We welcome competition, but we understand that we may be the only manufacturer involved in the near term. We are OK with that. (Quote by - Robert Clarke)

Fierce competition is usually better news than no competition. At least you know ther s something worth fighting over. (Quote by - Maya Elhalal)

There is a great deal of competition for the brightest and the best, and what we have to realize in education is that we are competition in other areas of business where people can get jobs. (Quote by - Marjorie Kaplan)

China's PC market is facing increasing competition as the market opens up to foreign competition. (Quote by - Liu Jun)

Having imports grow as the economy is slowing is telling you that American companies are facing great competitive pressure, especially in capital equipment. It doesn't help American companies because international competition remains very, very strong. (Quote by - Pierre Ellis)

Today's releases represent the initial step towards some of our larger prize competitions. We want to know what adjustments we should make to draft rules and what collaborations we should use to ensure these competitions are challenging, achievable, and valuable to both NASA and the competing teams. (Quote by - Brant Sponberg)

Producers work in a highly competitive business where the slightest advantage, tool or technique can land you thousands of dollars of business. Attending one of our tour stops is a great opportunity for users to see how they can give themselves a competitive advantage that will take their businesses to the next level. (Quote by - Philip Nelson)

We always tend to play up to the level of our competition and play down to the level of our competition. (Quote by - Wayne Marshall)

Being competitive in today's marketplace requires competitive content and competitive pricing. We believe we have an outstanding plan to stabilize and regain sales and market share. (Quote by - Al Giombetti)

The conference is going to be real competitive. I don't think we're in a situation where we can take anyone lightly. It will be really good motivation for our kids to face such tough competition. (Quote by - Cary Justmann)

This is a perfect opportunity for people to network with potential employers and generate a competitive edge against their competition. (Quote by - Chris Cimino)

Every single game has been competitive. It's not like, even in a single aspect of the game, we haven't competed. We've rebounded well and defended well. We haven't necessarily shot well against these guys, but at the same time they've been three highly competitive games. They've made plays to come out on top. (Quote by - Ron Rose)

It's a black eye on the whole world of science. Exciting areas of research are always competitive . . . but healthy competition never justifies sloppy research, cutting corners or dishonest behavior. (Quote by - Richard Murphy)

We?re in it to win it, but we?d be out there fighting the same way if we had never won anything. We don?t see it as pressure. We see it as competition, and competition is fun. (Quote by - Greg Haga)

I'm more excited right now than I was after the state meet last year. The competition here was way better than I imagined it would be. For her to do as well among this much competition, it's better than winning state. (Quote by - Steve Gideon)

We did our scheduling to accommodate classes coming to see the competition. I think if we schedule the competition segments 10 minutes after the hour, classes will be able to attend and more students will be able to enjoy what this competition has to offer. (Quote by - Vivian Le n)

Our whole family revolves around sports and it was always competitive. I remember childhood games going against my older sisters and everything was so competitive, but it was a lot of fun. (Quote by - Spencer Stewart)

Surely the best way to meet the enemy is head on in the field and not wait till they plunder our very homes. (Quote by - Oliver Goldsmith)

The Worlds competition is (made up of) mostly teams from the South. We're the only team from Indiana that got a bid. It's rare to have anybody from up north get a bid to such a big competition. (Quote by - Emlie Burrow)

These are difficult decisions that involve sacrifices by our employees, stockholders, retirees, and the senior leadership team. However, we are confronting a dramatic change in our industry and in the global competitive environment, and that requires us to look for additional ways to reduce financial risk and improve our competitiveness for the long term. (Quote by - Richard Wagoner)

I've never seen such a competitive market for talent as in the last six months to a year. And it's funny, you think it can never get any more competitive. And yet the next year it gets that much more competitive. (Quote by - Joe Kraus)

Doesn't matter what other people do. The only competition you should beat is yourself. So strive to be better each day. (Quote by - Sheila dela Pena)

I don't see that happening. There's really not any opposition to revenue sharing. Nor is there any opposition to helping small-market clubs that might need help on a temporary basis. Everyone in the league wants all of the clubs to be competitive. When it goes beyond any requirement to be competitive, and it's just a redistribution of profits, that's a different issue. (Quote by - Bob McNair)

I just finished a course in Patient Counseling last semester and it prepared me very well for this competition. The faculty and staff here are top-notch. My goal was to relax, enjoy the experience, and learn something from the competition so that I might be able to better compete in following years. (Quote by - Jennifer Lurk)

We try to stay current and stay competitive. We're always trying to stay competitive, but safety is always No. 1 here. As lean as we are, we need everybody here doing their job. (Quote by - Andy Munson)

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