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Guilty consciences always make people cowards. (Quote by - Bidpai)

A man's vanity tells him what is honour; a man's conscience what is justice. (Quote by - Walter Savage Landor)

Yet still there whispers the small voice within, Heard through Gain's silence, and o'er Glory's din; Whatever creed be taught or land be trod, Man's conscience is the oracle of God. (Quote by - Lord Byron)

Peace is normally a great good, and normally it coincides with righteousness, but it is righteousness and not peace which should bind the conscience of a nation as it should bind the conscience of an individual; and neither a nation nor an individual can surrender conscience to another's keeping. (Quote by - Theodore Roosevelt)

Let his tormentor conscience find him out. (Quote by - John Milton)

Thus conscience does make cowards of us all; And thus the native hue of resolution Is sicklied o'er with the pale cast of thought; And enterprises of great pith and moment, With this regard, their currents turn awry, And lose the name of action. (Quote by - William Shakespeare)

People talk about the conscience, but it seems to me one must just bring it up to a certain point and leave it there. You can let your conscience alone if you're nice to the second housemaid. (Quote by - Henry James)

Oh! think what anxious moments pass between The birth of plots, and their last fatal periods, Oh! 'tis a dreadful interval of time, Filled up with horror all, and big with death! (Quote by - Joseph Addison)

Atheists in our midst are proof that all consciences can be accommodated here, even those that have no ground for holding that conscience is sacred, inalienable, and prior to civil society (Quote by - Michael Novak)

Success comes to those who become success conscience. Failure comes to those who indifferntly allow themselves to become failure conscience. (Quote by - Contributed by: Anna Williams)

God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks to us in our conscience, but shouts in our pains: It is His megaphone to rouse a deaf world (Quote by - C.S. Lewis)

Actually, I thought I threw the ball decently. I just felt in good conscience I wasn't going to be able to turn it up to that next level. I'd say my velocity was anywhere from 92 to probably 96 mph. But that's not as consistent as I need to be to face the competition we're going to have. I couldn't in good conscience go out there and put myself into that situation. (Quote by - Billy Wagner)

To resort to power one need not be violent, and to speak to conscience one need not be meek. The most effective action both resorts to power and engages conscience. (Quote by - Barbara Deming)

This goes to the core of what it means to be an American. Conscience is the most sacred of all property. Doctors, dentists, nurses and other health care workers should not be forced to violate their consciences. (Quote by - David Stevens)

Cowardice asks the question, 'Is it safe?' Expediency asks the question, 'Is it politic?' But conscience asks the question, 'Is it right?' And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular but because conscience tells one it is right. (Quote by - Martin Luther King Jr.)

Why should not Conscience have vacation As well as other Courts o' th' nation? Have equal power to adjourn, Appoint appearance and return? (Quote by - Samuel Butler (1))

Love is too young to know what conscience is. (Quote by - William Shakespeare)

No ear can hear nor tongue can tell the tortures of the inward hell! (Quote by - Lord Byron)

Howbeit there is not in every man that knowledge: for some with conscience of the idol unto this hour eat it as a thing offered unto an idol; and their conscience being weak is defiled. (Quote by - Bible)

All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to = remain silent. (Quote by - Thomas Jefferson)

Conscience reigns but it does not govern. (Quote by - Paul Valery)

Conscience is but a word that cowards use, Devised at first to keep the strong in awe. (Quote by - William Shakespeare)

The person that loses their conscience has nothing left worth keeping. (Quote by - Izaak Walton)

Conscience is a mother-in-law whose visit never ends. (Quote by - H. L. Mencken)

A clear conscience is a soft pillow. (Quote by - German Proverb)

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