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The things you want are always possible; it is just that the way to get them is not always apparent. The only real obstacle in your path to a fulfilling life is you, and that can be a considerable obstacle because you carry the baggage of insecurities and past experience. (Quote by - Les Brown)

The economies of scale in this case could be considerable, and the leverage in terms of potential profits is high. It would be good purchase. (Quote by - Allen Sinai)

It's changed considerably what it means to parent in the 21st century. They are making very important decision in their lives -- applying to colleges, choosing courses and making friends. They really want to be with their parents. (Quote by - Barbara Schneider)

With the response from the audience from the last two nights, I think there is going to be considerable consideration in making this an annual event. (Quote by - Jack Knox)

Objective considerations of contemporary phenomena compel the conclusion that success or failure in competitive activities exhibits no tendency to be commensurate with innate capacity, but that a considerable element of the unpredictable must invaria. (Quote by - George Orwell)

was given a great new opportunity to stay in Atlanta. For that reason and for family considerations, he has withdrawn from consideration. (Quote by - Larry Lucchino)

There are quite considerable differences between the two systems. (Quote by - Amelia Torres)

The needs of a human being are sacred. Their satisfaction cannot be subordinated either to reasons of state, or to any consideration of money, nationality, race, or color, or to the moral or other value attributed to the human being in question, or to any consideration whatsoever. (Quote by - Simone Weil)

You mistake me, my dear. I have a high respect for your nerves. They are my old friends. I have heard you mention them with consideration these twenty years at least. (Quote by - Jane Austen)

I don't think of myself as a role model. I do try to live in a compassionate, considerate and positive way. The only advice I can offer is to find what you love to do, find the joy in it, and express yourself through your passion. (Quote by - Barry Williams)

Our spirit is to be considerate and have compassion for people. It's a social responsibility. (Quote by - Alan Wong)

Your greatness is measured by your kindness; your education and intellect by your modesty; your ignorance is betrayed by your suspicions and prejudices, and your real caliber is measured by the consideration and tolerance you have for others. (Quote by - William J. H. Boetcker)

These are considerations that have been made clear to us already and were taken into consideration when we reduced the charge from murder to manslaughter. (Quote by - Eric Phillips)

Moving forward, we all have good reason to be optimistic. With a roster that includes some of the greatest artists in the world, a vast catalog of influential recordings and access to the considerable resources of our parent company, we are perfectly positioned to continue as a leader in our business,. (Quote by - Andrew Lack)

While [Wednesday's] starts data may exaggerate the strength of the sector, it is quite obvious housing retains considerable momentum. (Quote by - Bart Melek)

The legal considerations include testimony from the witnesses who were possibly seeking an excuse. They were the ones caught at the airport; they are making excuses. (Quote by - Agus Saputra)

Contrary to the vulgar belief that men are motivated primarily by materialistic considerations, we now see the capitalist system being discredited and destroyed all over the world, even though this system has given men the greatest material comforts. (Quote by - Ayn Rand)

Thawing permafrost could send considerable amounts of water to the oceans. (Quote by - Andrew Slater)

The question is whether prices are sustained -- then the burden of oil subsidies comes under stronger focus. It needs careful political consideration to avoid a backlash. (Quote by - Andrew Symon)

Several earlier studies have found that, among patients with a history of colon polyps or cancer, regular aspirin treatment prevents the recurrence of precancerous polyps. However, the ability of aspirin to reduce the long-term incidence of invasive cancer has not been well-demonstrated. Our study did find a protective effect of long-term aspirin use on risk of invasive colorectal cancer, but only at dosage levels considerably higher than those used to prevent cardiovascular disease. (Quote by - Andrew Chan)

A little Consideration, a little Thought for Others, makes all the difference. (Quote by - Winnie the Pooh)

The commissioner will give full consideration to any considerations and recommendations. [We] always want to work closely and have a strong relationship with local officials. (Quote by - Dennis Schain)

Considerations for submission are dependant on the juror selected to view the submissions. University Galleries allow students to submit anything, as long as it's finished. Considerations for submission totally depend on what the juror happens to like. As far as University Galleries is concerned, students can submit anything as long as it's finished. (Quote by - Tracey Berner)

A monarch, when good, is entitled to the consideration which we accord to a pirate who keeps Sunday School between crimes; when bad, he is entitled to none at all. (Quote by - Mark Twain)

What you have said I will consider; what you have to say I will with patience hear, and find a time Both meet to hear and answer such high things. (Quote by - William Shakespeare)

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