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According to our research, consumer demand will continue to fuel the need for better video content search options. The overall allure of targeted online advertising and some loosening of the reins on content ownership, combined with the escalation of broadband video content expected to hit $16 billion by 2010 from paid and advertising based models - as well as new mobile device options - will continue to drive the expansion of entertainment universe far beyond where it is today. Consumers need a better way to filter through all the available content to find exactly what they want to watch, when they want to watch it. (Quote by - Mike Wolf)

Our goal in creating Interpret is to fill a void in this marketplace by building a company that follows consumers' leads in breaking down content silos, and to help media, content and technology companies realize the true value of their brands. The key to success in the digital future is developing a common, consumer-driven language for technology developers, content companies and advertisers and Interpret is structured to fit those needs. (Quote by - Michael Dowling)

The first Nickelodeon generation of kids grew up in a video democracy where the words broadcast and cable meant nothing, and great characters and stories meant everything. This next generation of kids is platform-agnostic. We already are programming to kids on 15 different platforms and we're excited to be expanding our tradition of strong content development to reach across broadband, digital and wireless screens that have become a daily part of their lives. Kids are the first adapters of the digital age and we are going to fully integrate our brand into that space with great character and story-driven content that will be developed specifically for the products they are accessing. (Quote by - Cyma Zarghami)

We're always looking at the best way to get content out to fans and this year the big change is that we have to deliver content to fans on their times. This [initiative] is very much the tip of the iceberg. We'll continue to look at devices when they come out to see if they're something we want to put our content in. (Quote by - Steve Grimes)

It's that performance improvement that content distributors have as their key value. By distributing content throughout the Internet, they can improve performance from an end-user's perspective. (Quote by - Joe Laszlo)

All signs point to very strong and steady growth for paid online content. In each of the last five years, we've seen record revenues and record numbers of consumers paying for content. With only 12 percent of the total Web population purchasing online content, enormous opportunity for growth continues to exist. (Quote by - Pam Horan)

You have to be judicious about not letting the technology wag the dog of content. There are so many different aspects that go into all of these multiple platforms that you just can't say it's a successful show, so let's put it on 20 platforms. But the idea that great content can be used in a multitude of different ways is a wonderful challenge and a wonderful opportunity. (Quote by - Stephen McPherson)

The cable operators are paying to show content. The most important content you have is the broadcast stations. They take the position that over the air is free to people, so it should be free to them. (Quote by - Barry Faber)

You can think of this as pre-step to content delivery; before you deliver content, you need to get the content there intelligently and with control. (Quote by - Robert Ha)

Today content is locked to play back on one device. Now we have the freedom to enjoy content on whatever device consumers want to use. (Quote by - Eli Harari)

It's like the chicken and the egg scenario. If you have content, then you have subscribers. And if you have a lot of subscribers then you have a lot of content .. so if we wait longer, we will see more content, more devices, and more subscribers. (Quote by - Sandra Ng)

With the development of the Internet, there has been some harmful and illegal content. The Chinese government has adopted some management measures so as to limit the immoral and harmful content, especially for young people. (Quote by - Liu Jianchao)

Content providers want to know their content will be secure. HD-DVD is sending the opposite message. (Quote by - Taro Takamine)

It's an interesting use model, delivering content in a protected way where the content owner or the application owner distributes that content or wares using strong authentication, if they're not giving it away for free. (Quote by - Brian Berger)

Thomson Delmar Learning provided us with the content we needed to expand our reach to other job functions within the hospital while we offer them the platform to provide the content. Through this acquisition, both organizations will join together to provide content in one format to various healthcare professionals who need mandatory training or clinical education. (Quote by - John Morris)

No other content company has Sony's intuitive grasp of technology and no other company has Sony's intimate understanding of the demands of content. (Quote by - Howard Stringer)

There is not enough Arabic content available on the Internet. But there's no motivation to put more Arabic content on the Internet as long as you don't have a system to find the content. (Quote by - Hermann Havermann)

You can try to trick Web sites by embedding tag spam. It can work when the robot comes to the page, but it's misleading. Why not just put the content up and let the content speak for itself?. (Quote by - Steve Arnold)

We believe that the revolution in handheld media devices demand a variety of simple, user-friendly ways for consumers to download content. We believe that offering this content in retail stores on a 17 inch touch screen will help encourage consumers to try mobile games as well as other types of content. (Quote by - Bala Keilman)

Can a one judge sitting somewhere in a trial court issue an order that says nobody in the world is allowed to have, to use, to improve or to develop software for playing multimedia content without the permission of the manufacturers of the content themselves? .. This is an astonishing development in the course of our understanding of what we call the copyright bargain, the relationship between authors' rights, publishers' leverages and consumers' needs. (Quote by - Eben Moglen)

Give what thou canst, without Thee we are poor; And with Thee rich, take what Thou wilt away. (Quote by - William Cowper)

Innovation in Intervention: i2 Summit 2006 offers unsurpassed evidence-based content, presented by leaders in interventional cardiology. Live satellite transmissions, computer-based learning and simulation training make the content innovative and interactive. (Quote by - William O'Neill)

Vista will provide content owners with a more secure platform to deliver their premium content. However, it will take more than an operating system to turn the PC into a media hub. Creating innovative consumer experiences around premium content will help expand the market for content delivery via the PC. Vista is not the key component. (Quote by - Nitin Gupta)

Content will still be king, although it may come in many new guises. And the Los Angeles area is well positioned to create this evolving content. (Quote by - Jack Kyser)

Content and services can be exposed from our site and be branded by partners, so it looks to visitors like they are on the customer's site. For exposing our content as a Web service, we're doing the heavy lifting. For the consumer of the Web service, it's more like pointing a network toward a URL. (Quote by - Bill Graham)

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