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And therewith he made the sockets to the door of the tabernacle of the congregation, and the brasen altar, and the brasen grate for it, and all the vessels of the altar, / And the sockets of the court round about, and the sockets of the court gate, and all the pins of the tabernacle, and all the pins of the court round about. (Quote by - Bible)

This law has only been used two times - both times in the AT&T antitrust case - so it's rarely, rarely used. The longer it sits at the Court of Appeals, the less likely the Supreme Court is to take it on an expedited basis. To the extent that the Court of Appeals really starts to get their teeth into this, they could jump on this right away. (Quote by - Robert Lande)

We've got more of a half-court game than we had last year. I like it both ways (up-tempo and half-court)., but I can get my shot off better in half-court. (Quote by - Dominique Holmes)

Ultimately, it comes down to a half-court game. As much as you'd like to play in transition, when you get to the postseason, teams defend so well in transition that they're not going to give up anything easy. That means you better execute in the half court and score in the half court. (Quote by - Tod Kowalczyk)

She is the best high school player I've seen in a very long time. I like to think we're a decent half-court defensive team. It depends on our opponent .. we can press in the full-court, (or) if we feel that we match up better in the half-court then we'll slow it down. (Quote by - Kelly Mathews)

Whatever wins at the Board of Health, wins in court. We know the formulation to win at the Board of Health, the Appeals Court and the Supreme (Judicial) Court. (Quote by - Kevin O'Donnell)

We believe that everyone should have the right to listen to the music they purchase, even if it's on the Internet, .. While we respect the court, we disagree with the court's decision and we look forward to taking our case to the court of appeals. (Quote by - Michael Robertson)

Americans revere both the Constitution and an independent Court that applies the document's provisions. The Court has done many excellent things in our history, and few people are willing to see its power broken. The difficulty with all proposals to respond to the Court when it behaves unconstitutionally is that they would create a power to destroy the Court's essential work as well. (Quote by - Robert Bork)

The longer it sits at the Court of Appeals, the less likely the Supreme Court is to take it on an expedited basis. To the extent that the Court of Appeals really starts to get their teeth into this, they could jump on this right away. (Quote by - Robert Lande)

A lot of people said we don't really need a politician on the court, but for the past 30 years, we have had politicians on the court. I think it would be helpful to have someone on the court who understand how its rulings affect the other arms of government. (Quote by - Jack Roberts)

I really hope that everyone has a good hard look at what the courts have said. They've said clearly to teachers that they want them back in the classroom. They want them respecting the law. That it's important they do that. We've said to teachers that we're ready to talk about the issues that you've raised in the past. We're not willing to talk as a precondition of course to respecting the courts. That would be a disservice to the courts and a disservice to the community,. (Quote by - Gordon Campbell)

The court has gotten more conservative as the country has, but individual members of the court haven't changed certainly not Rehnquist. The court and the country changed around him. (Quote by - Mark Tushnet)

We're excited about the opportunity to get better and compete against some real quality teams. We're on a roll and we're getting better every day. This year, everyone contributes a little more evenly. It makes the team a little more uniform. We're all having a great time playing on the court. We love practicing and being together. We hang out a lot off the court, and that makes us stronger on the court. (Quote by - Matt Carere)

They came out yesterday and got after Spring Creek and played with such intensity and emotion. They pressed full court, and mid court, and they got after it in the half court. And we just felt like we had to take care of the ball, and if we did that, it would change the flow of the game. (Quote by - Bret Walter)

In the midst of an undeclared war on terrorism, the courts could ultimately establish new legal precedent. There are issues we have never dealt with before, .. And some of it has to be made up as we go along. It may be why the Supreme Court is not eager to circumvent the ongoing process. At the very least they may want multiple lower courts to look at these cases before they get involved. (Quote by - David Yalof)

I think the court considered that the trial will attract foreign journalists, so it is better that the case be heard in a more presentable court. We might be branded a kangaroo court if the trial were held in a rundown court. (Quote by - Ismael Khan)

Given that the Court has not agreed to rehear a decision in over 50 years, this is not a huge surprise. But the denial makes it crystal clear that since the Supreme Court will not protect home and small business owners, it is now up to state legislatures and state courts to protect people from eminent domain abuse. (Quote by - Scott Bullock)

Because homecoming came first, and there was the homecoming court. The five guys on homecoming court were disqualified from being in the prom court. So being prom king was being sixth most popular. (Quote by - Andy Richter)

The Court of Criminal Appeals is widely considered to be one of the most conservative appellate courts in the world. Not one judge on that court decided that the state's appeal was worth considering. Obviously believing as the First Court of Appeals did, that when you pay thousands of dollars to a hired gun, that the least they can do is come in and tell the truth. (Quote by - Brian Wice)

I think it's important to adhere to that .. if these questions come before me, either on the court on which I know sit or if I am confirmed on the Supreme Court, .. I need to decide those questions with an open mind on the basis of the arguments presented .. and the precedence of the court. (Quote by - John Roberts)

We would like finality. We believe that we be will successful at the Supreme Court, once it gets there. We would like him to be released or charged. We think we have the unusual set of circumstances and facts in which the Supreme Court should carefully consider hearing our petition before the appeals court. (Quote by - Donna Newman)

Neither our actions as trustees, nor the court's decision, deprived Jane Pope of so much as a dime that she was entitled to. If Jane Pope appeals the court's decision, we are confident that the Superior Court and appellate courts will reach the same decision, because the law and the facts remain the same. (Quote by - Art Pope)

That ruling may bode well for Juan Miguel Gonzalez, who has petitioned the court to recognize his exclusive right to speak for Elian in legal matters, and to be left to raise his child in peace. It would certainly have been very unusual for the court to rule against the father because the law presumes that a person's parent is their guardian, and doesn't appoint outside guardians in the normal course of events, .. For the court to appoint a third-party guardian it would usually need an indication that something was badly wrong in the parent-child relationship, such as abuse. (Quote by - Adam Cohen)

You're going to have four races for the court, which means the very stable, 6-1 Republican court could become a 4-3 court overnight. The philosophical balance of this court is in play. (Quote by - John Davis)

Roberts is in exactly the same position that O'Connor and others have been, .. he's going to be on the court for 30 years, and those issues will continue to come before the court. There's no legal or ethical obligation to get rid of your holdings. But the other justices seem to have made a pragmatic decision that (doing so) is best for the operation of the court. (Quote by - Thomas Goldstein)

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