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Interchange fees are just a way that credit card companies squeeze merchants to enhance their revenue stream. There is absolutely no need for these fees to be so high, and without anything to control them, the banks and the credit card companies continue to find ways to escalate the fees. (Quote by - Mitch Goldstone)

By knowing when a consumer's credit behavior changes, lenders will be able to make a timely offer, change the credit limit or take other appropriate action. This timely intelligence will help companies implement their credit strategies immediately to enhance marketing efforts and maximize customer relationships, minimize risk and improve profitability. (Quote by - Kerry Williams)

Studies show that if you're a credit worthy borrower, you will do everything in your power to keep your credit high. That in itself is skin in the game. (Quote by - Anthony Hsieh)

I said 'Oh, it's gonna be a charge,' and then he jumped, I think, over him. I would normally joke and take credit for that, but that was so good I can't even joke and take credit. That will rank right up with the best I've seen. (Quote by - Tom Izzo)

Your best defense is going to be a security freeze. A freeze prevents access to your credit report to new creditors. This closes a loophole that identity thieves have exploited, since most businesses will not issue new credit or loans to people without first reviewing their credit reports. (Quote by - Edmund Mierzwinski)

It's a credit to them. We shoot well against everybody else. They played great defense against us. They held us to 36 points three times and 40 once, so you have to give them all the credit in the world. (Quote by - Jake Herlihy)

Lenders are increasingly using risk-based pricing to make loans. If you don't find out your credit score, check your credit report and correct mistakes, you're going to be totally in the dark, and run the risk of paying far higher interest rates on loans. (Quote by - Ken McEldowney)

Because they have no credit history, and therefore have a clean credit history, teens are easy targets. And since they have never applied for credit, a stolen identity may go undiscovered for years. (Quote by - Pamela King)

Your credit report is your passport to your essential financial information. Increasingly, what's in your credit report determines whether you'll get credit and how much you'll pay for it. (Quote by - Travis Plunkett)

What the credit bureaus are most interested in is gaining market share in the increasingly lucrative market for credit scores. (Quote by - Travis Plunkett)

The economy is turning, and credit comes in with a lag, .. To the extent that a number of small firms are finding it difficult to get the credit they need at a price they can afford, that's likely to change for the better. (Quote by - Alan Greenspan)

Several factors are going to go into that. Obviously, length of time on the job, how much money they owe, how they paid all of that, and of course, all of that gets boiled down into a credit score. The different credit bureaus at some point and we use those. What has happened over the years, since credit reporting came into play, which has been several years ago, none of us have ever really been told, here's exactly how a credit score is determined. (Quote by - Billy Estes)

This move no doubt responds to a relative lack of commercially available credit models in the market, and the strong need for more advances in this space. Banks need proven credit models backed by experience and strong data sets, both to use as primary sources of default prediction and to benchmark their own internally-developed models against. This is now a key strategic advantage, and banks that do not use state of the art credit models will find themselves at a distinct disadvantage, both from a pricing and origination perspective, and a portfolio profitability perspective. (Quote by - Debbie Williams)

The credit card interchange system serves as a hidden tax, both on merchants and consumers, and raises the costs of all products. These credit card fees have rapidly increased over the past several years. (Quote by - Hank Armor)

Everything will depend on whether they can get an extension of their credit and possibly additional credit to tide them over. If they don't get the credit, Chapter 11 (bankruptcy) is probably the only way out. (Quote by - Kurt Barnard)

I always give credit where credit is due. He did a good job. He was hot tonight. He stepped up and did what he needed to do. They just fell a little short. (Quote by - Brian Carlwell)

Private sector credit from 1999 through the first half of 2001 was adding $1.2 trillion per year. It was the mother of all credit expansions. (Quote by - Maureen Allyn)

You've got to give credit where credit is due. Little Falls was the better team today. (Quote by - Paul Valasek)

The private control of credit is the modern form of slavery. (Quote by - Upton Sinclair)

Remember that credit is money. (Quote by - Benjamin Franklin)

Good moisture conditions across western Canada will encourage maximum use of the productive capacity and the impact of significant crop growth last year indicates a need for fertilizer products this year. In addition, the combination of high rates of collection on last year's credit programs and the positive credit profile of the Company's farmer customers suggest that the delays in customer purchasing decisions are operational rather than financial, as farmers weigh final planting decisions against demand signals from the world commodity markets. (Quote by - Brian Hayward)

The parents pull you aside and say, `I have to give credit where credit is due, you really are sacrificing a lot for the community, and giving,' .. But I'm from here and committed to Homestead and the Steel Valley, and it's a no-brainer to me. (Quote by - Charlie Batch)

If your current plan is creditable you don't have to do anything. If it's non-creditable or not as good as the Medicare prescription plan you need to look into choosing a plan. The reasons these plans are not creditable is because they are capped at $2,000 or $1,500. Medicare Part D does not have a cap. (Quote by - Thomas McCabe)

With the addition of these new clients, Mercury will be in use at 369 credit unions. Credit union after credit union has found that because of the familiar appearance and navigation, member service representatives become immediately comfortable and efficient, which streamlines training and delivers improved member service. (Quote by - Santo Cannone)

The first day of class this fall, I broke the students into teams of five and asked them to provide me with four or five tax credits that are currently not in the Internal Revenue Code but would be excellent additions. I ask each group to not only come up with new tax credits, but explain the social, economic or political reason for why the tax credit should be enacted by Congress. (Quote by - James Wittenbach)

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