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The birth of the new constitutes a crisis, and its mastery calls for a crude and simple cast of mind -- the mind of a fighter -- in which the virtues of tribal cohesion and fierceness and infantile credulity and malleability are paramount. Thus every new beginning recapitulates in some degree man's first beginning. (Quote by - Eric Hoffer)

Women suffer more from disappointment than men, because they have more of faith and are naturally more credulous. (Quote by - Marguerite De Valois)

Among the calamities of war may be jointly numbered the diminution of the love of truth, by the falsehood which interests dictates and credulity encourages. (Quote by - Samuel Johnson)

When an apparent miracle happened.it proved divine mission to the credulous, and proved a contract with the devil to the skeptical. (Quote by - George Bernard Shaw)

Let the credulous and the vulgar continue to believe that all mental woes can be cured by a daily application of old Greek myths to their private parts. (Quote by - Vladimir Nabokov)

The only disadvantage of an honest heart is credulity. (Quote by - Sir Philip Sidney)

The idea that the UN system could provide real leadership on the great development challenges will strain credulity in some quarters. (Quote by - Jeffrey Sachs)

Some jerk infected the Internet with an outright lie. It shows how easy it is to do and how credulous people are. (Quote by - Kurt Vonnegut)

You must not know too much or be too precise or scientific about birds and trees and flowers and watercraft; a certain free-margin, and even vagueness - ignorance, credulity - helps your enjoyment of these things. (Quote by - Henry David Thoreau)

The race of man, while sheep in credulity, are wolves for conformity. (Quote by - Carl Van Doren)

The New Testament rests itself for credulity and testimony on what are called prophecies in the Old Testament, of the person called Jesus Christ; and if there are no such things as prophecies of any such person in the Old Testament, the New Testament. (Quote by - Thomas Paine)

Credulity is the common failing of inexperienced virtue; and he who is spontaneously suspicious may justly be charged with radical corruption. (Quote by - Samuel Johnson)

The great masses of the people ... will more easily fall victims to a great lie than to a small one. (Quote by - Adolf Hitler)

The natural cause of the human mind is certainly from credulity to skepticism. (Quote by - Thomas Jefferson)

Man is a credulous animal, and must believe something; in the absence of good grounds for belief, he will be satisfied with bad ones. (Quote by - Bertrand Russell)

I cannot spare the luxury of believing that all things beautiful are what they seem. (Quote by - Fitz-greene Halleck)

Credulity is the man's weakness, but the child's strength. (Quote by - Charles Lamb)

I will not avoid doing what I think is right, though it should draw on me the whole artillery that falsehood and malice can invent, or the credulity a deluded population can swallow. (Quote by - William Murray)

One of the peculiar sins of the twentieth century which we've developed to a very high level is the sin of credulity. It has been said that when human beings stop believing in God they believe in nothing. The truth is much worse: they believe in anything. (Quote by - Malcolm Muggeridge)

You believe easily that which you hope for earnestly. (Quote by - Terence)

When people are bewildered they tend to become credulous. (Quote by - Calvin Coolidge)

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