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The great leadership crisis in America has been created by the voter who has chosen to elect far too many a scoundral based on the candidate's party affiliation rather than a the calibur of worth of a specific candidate possesses. (Quote by - Dr. Jeff B. Riffle)

Who is the most important person in the world? The doctor when you are sick; the President of United States during a missile crisis and the pizza delivery boy when you are very hungry. (Quote by - Ralph Downey)

The feeling here is that we have been lurching from crisis to crisis, .. Sometimes it's felt like we have been on a roller-coaster ride without the ups. Israelis are questioning (Netanyahu's) sense of political judgment. They want to know if he's acting out of impulse or seeing the consequences of his actions. (Quote by - David Makovsky)

It is a historic day for democracy in Nepal. However, without establishing the Constituent Assembly, the handing over of power to the alliance will not resolve the root cause of the crisis in Nepal, which is the Maoist conflict. It is an opportunity to resolve the Maoist crisis once and for all. (Quote by - Suhas Chakma)

Republican mayors are a response to a crisis. And what you find also is that Republican mayors tend to get re-elected because their management style reminds people of the original crisis they were elected to resolve. (Quote by - Hank Sheinkopf)

This is a basic crisis communications principle: When you are dealing in a crisis situation, people want to look, see and feel that some type of leadership is being projected. (Quote by - Chris Lehane)

Under normal conditions, Somalia is one of the poorest and most food insecure countries in the world, and these are not normal conditions. It is a humanitarian crisis - it is a food crisis, a water crisis, a health crisis and a protection crisis. (Quote by - Nick Haan)

We're out of nuclear crisis mode and into normal, day-to-day crisis mode. (Quote by - Ray Nagin)

What is bad for business is this crisis. The root cause of this crisis happens to be the charges against the President. (Quote by - Guillermo Luz)

We must own crisis. We must brand crisis. (Quote by - Tad Devine)

The crisis is not an opportunity to change the character of Louisiana's political order. We must not use the crisis to turn Louisiana into a red state -- this is a rainbow state. (Quote by - Jesse Jackson)

We have seen in recent weeks a security crisis, then a political crisis. This would mean we would now have a constitutional crisis. (Quote by - Mahmoud Othman)

Ours is a world where the many are ruled by the few, illusion masquerades as truth, and crisis is the crucible. (Quote by - Francis Mac Donald)

Remember, there's not a constitutional crisis here, .. The presidency will be there. The government will be there and be strong after this is over. This is a Clinton crisis. The system is working. There is a process that will work. (Quote by - Trent Lott)

As we wake or sleep, we grow strong or we grow weak, and at last some crisis shows us what we have become. (Quote by - Bishop Westcott)

Not everyone is sold on crisis consultants. Linda Gray, assistant vice president and director of news and information at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, says that to a certain extent, the worse the crisis, the closer to home you should deal with it. .. You ought to be dealing with the crisis, not explaining things to somebody else. (Quote by - Linda Gray)

Right now, health care is the issue, because the company, in the form of its CEO, Rick Wagoner, made a big spectacle at the shareholders' meeting last month. They're saying we're in this big crisis. My question, and most of the union leadership's question, is, show us the crisis. Where have you been spending the money?. (Quote by - Dave Peterson)

Mexico is not part of South America, but of North America, in respect of the current 'crisis' situation. We see the damage for the peso from this current crisis as being modest. (Quote by - Geoffrey Dennis)

When you have a crisis, the crisis itself becomes one of your biggest asset if that crisis is bad enough. Everyone get very modest and humble and listens. If you need do rough things, you do rough things. (Quote by - Carl-Henric Svanberg)

When you have a crisis, you need to act like it's a crisis. (Quote by - Martha Stone)

The same thrilling action you got with the Time Crisis series at the arcade is now available on your phone and on the go. Namco Networks is dedicated to making sure our mobile games are faithful to the original console and arcade versions. We believe fans will agree that Time Crisis Mobile maintains the potent pace and excitement of the arcade original. (Quote by - Scott Rubin)

Indeed only such highly liquid portfolios would be consistent with (government-sponsored enterprises') mission of providing primary mortgage market liquidity during a crisis, particularly a financial crisis. (Quote by - Alan Greenspan)

We're not in an oil crisis. There is no supply crisis today. There is a tight market which is reflected in the price. (Quote by - Robert Priddle)

I would say land is a crisis. Absolutely a crisis. And it's just putting affordable housing out of reach. (Quote by - Rosemary Walker)

Had these kinds of requirements been in place before the current crisis began in 1997, the flows of capital might well have slowed at a much earlier stage, substantially reducing the severity of the crisis. (Quote by - Robert Rubin)

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