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I would often spot 25 vulture nests on this road as I came into work. They were as common as crows - no one even bothered to count them. The trees are still there, the habitat is still there, but the birds are not. If you look at the Delhi skies now you don't see a single vulture. (Quote by - Prakash Rao)

The whole reason that we don't just allow people to go out and kill birds is that birds go to other places. What's happening in Wyoming is you have a concentration of crows from all over. (Quote by - Kevin McGowan)

To this day, images of apes and monkeys are used as a way to depict black people. It's what it will always mean. You can't just dress monkeys up like people and not conjure Jim Crow. (Quote by - Susan Morris)

It will be a credit for him. It will boost him and he'll crow that 'I got something that the Liberals, for all these years, didn't get.' He'll have proved also that Emerson was the guy to keep on this beat. (Quote by - Nelson Wiseman)

The American crow is at an all-time low of 82 birds. Others hit by the West Nile, like the black-capped chickadee, have rebounded. (Quote by - Jeff Chapman)

I said, 'You look at it again and you'll see you're wrong,' .. He said, 'I will look at it.' I'll have to call him and tell him he was right. I'll have to eat a little crow. (Quote by - Phil Garner)

My gran'ther's rule was safer 'n 't is to crow: Don't never prophesy - onless ye know. (Quote by - James Russell Lowell)

I am always amazed. I have been here I don't know how many times. You always see something different. The crows, the number of crows that we seen as we came in to day. Just an old black raven. We probably will see a Golden Eagle, a good chance to see a Golden Eagle today. (Quote by - JayVar Campbell)

It was good entertainment, .. But watching it through a fighter's eyes, I saw things. Crowe doesn't have a fighter's build. His neck's too thin. His chin, he was putting it right out there to be hit. Some of his moves, his balance. A lot of his punches he was throwing out the window. But, look, it was okay, it was okay. (Quote by - George Chuvalo)

I now remember the prison cell as being tiny and cold instead of a window of opportunity and a source of pride as I once did. All I can do now is stand-by and watch the vultures, ravens, crows and magpies pick the bones of a once magnificent country clean. (Quote by - Bobby W. Miller)

TORONTO -- When Cameron Crowe was flying to the Toronto film festival recently, he walked down the aisle of the plane and studied his fellow passengers sitting in front of their personal TV sets. They were just having the greatest time, there was so much joy in their eyes, .. And I looked to see what they were watching. And it was all out-and-out comedies. So many people watching The Longest Yard. And I just got the feeling that, 'You know what? People just like to let it all go, and have a laugh'. (Quote by - Cameron Crowe)

The message is very clear: If a role is positive, no Italian American actors need apply; however, if a role calls for a villain, Italian actors are actively recruited. It is Jim Crow in the arts. (Quote by - John Mancini)

They give me leftovers to feed the chickens, and then I give them eggs. They say that taking an early morning walk down a back road and hearing our rooster crow is one of the greatest things about living in the country. (Quote by - Karen Ross)

Recently I heard Sheryl Crow and I loved her, she was terrific. (Quote by - Bobby Sherman)

Jim Crow images contain a history of humiliation, degradation and separation. It's not the kind of thing that you get over -- they show up again and again in modern ads, music and film. (Quote by - Susan Morris)

As the many-winter'd crow that leads the clanging rookery home. (Quote by - Lord Alfred Tennyson)

We're looking for Crowe, Wagner, Shelburne and Tingle to all have good a year. But it's going to take a while for some of these younger guys -- like Matthews, Siegel, Layton and all -- to get used to varsity pitching. (Quote by - Donnie Williams)

When a dove begins to associate with crows its feathers remain white but its heart grows black. (Quote by - German Proverb)

As I remember, if you actually played, it was OK to be there. But I don't know. Maybe J.D. just said, 'Oh, just come on in.' Nobody messed with J.D. Crowe. Not even back then. (Quote by - Sam Bush)

The Voting Rights Act, whose 40th anniversary we celebrate this month, has helped minorities elect 81 sitting members of Congress and thousands of local officials. But the rally civil rights groups held in Atlanta earlier this month to push for extension of the act's key temporary provisions downplayed those gains and instead pushed wild claims that some state laws requiring an ID to vote are the functional equivalent of Jim Crow poll taxes. (Quote by - John Fund)

Orlando Bloom also talked about what it was like working with Crowe. He's the hero man. Hero of the hour, always wanted to work with Cameron and this for me was a dream opportunity, .. We got to work on something that was a really personal project for Cameron and became a very personal project for me. (Quote by - Orlando Bloom)

Before desegregation and when Jim Crow was going on, most of the places blacks would shop were in the Mobile neighborhood. (Quote by - Melvin Williams)

On a windy Friday afternoon, James Crowe, 40, an heir to a tire manufacturing fortune, offered a real estate cruise aboard his Sea Ray runabout. See that boathouse? .. It's owned by some American worth $700 million, and nobody here knows or cares. (Quote by - James Crowe)

We have tried to make it clear that the United States is not just an old crow that gives more milk the more it is kicked in the flanks. (Quote by - Dean Rusk)

The heyday was Reconstruction, really. And then, starting about 1890, Arkansas imposed statutes that forced black people out of public office and made it impossible to vote -- Jim Crow laws -- and I just started to be amazed. (Quote by - Judith Kilpatrick)

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