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Custom governs the world; it is the tyrant of our feelings and our manners and rules the world with the hand of a despot. (Quote by - J. Bartlett)

Profits are related to customer retention. Customer retention is related to employee retention. Employee retention may or may not be related to benefits, but benefits could be part of the package that causes people to stay and -- by the way -- engage in discretionary effort. .. If you go into any organization that's customer-facing, you can tell in five minutes when the employees are feeling abused. They retaliate on the customers. (Quote by - Jeffrey Pfeffer)

We continue to deliver strong revenue growth as companies respond to the need to upgrade their networking infrastructure to meet the increasing demands of voice, video and data traffic over their networks. Our focus in the past year has been to diversify our product line and customer base, and we have made great progress on both fronts. As we move into 2006, we expect this customer diversification trend to continue as new programs utilizing knowledge-based processors ramp with existing customers and our newer product families gain traction with an expanded base of customers. (Quote by - Ron Jankov)

Innocence is just our default setting; our environment has a lifetime to customize us to i s liking. (Quote by - Cesar Riojas III)

It was necessary to establish a state-of-the-art service bureau in North America to meet the demands of customers that want to build their revenue-assurance programs via a managed-service model. The 'pay as you go', value-driven alternative to traditional licenses provides customers with a low-risk, low-cost deployment option to large, up-front capital expenditures. Customers can choose a system that they own and operate themselves or a bureau that Azure manages on their behalf. (Quote by - Steven Bruny)

There is nothing that strengthens a nation like reading of a nation's own history, whether that history is recorded in books or embodied in customs, institutions and monuments. (Quote by - Joseph Anderson)

Men will sooner surrender their rights than their customs. (Quote by - Moritz Guedmann)

That is an important area for us, for customer loyalty and customer satisfaction, to stand behind our products not just through the warranty period but beyond. We want our customers to remain loyal to us, so that when they get into their next purchase cycle, they've had a good product experience with us. (Quote by - Jim Kahler)

If the objective of "Penn Traffic to Further Increase Focus on Its Customers" is actually followed, this should be the perfect strategy for the chain. Let the retailer work on what should be their competitive advantage and the most important part of their business -the customer. (Quote by - Gene Detroyer)

If you can tailor your products to the customers, if you are designing products that customers want and you are providing customer value to them, they are going to remain customers ? even if you have to bargain with them a little bit. (Quote by - Christine Wilson)

The fact that we have such a small customer base continues to be our biggest weakness here. Take a place like Richmond, where they've got one treatment plant, and 100,000 customers - and here we're trying to do four treatment plants with 7,000 customers. The cost impact per customer is significantly higher for small facilities. (Quote by - Ken Fanfoni)

Custom is the plague of wise men and the idol of fools. (Quote by - Thomas Fuller)

Compliance is definitely a big driver of this. One fundamental [Sarbanes-Oxley requirement] is, if it is a public company, to report to Wall Street how many customers you have; because people are making investment decisions as to whether your customer base is going up or down. If you have no idea how many customers you have because you have acquired different companies, then you potentially have a compliance issue there. (Quote by - John Radcliffe)

With Instant Coupons customers can determine the domain price and quantity limit that best suits their need. The dynamic pricing model can scale to an individual customer's requirements/budget. The custom coupon pricing is set in real-time and clients can immediately start registering domain names at the discounted pricing based on the coupon they created. (Quote by - Terry Kocek)

Custom has furnished the only basis which ethics have ever had. (Quote by - Joseph Wood Krutch)

Our New York customers are among the most demanding and tech savvy in the nation and, while other wireless carriers play catch-up, we will continue to deliver the reliable and innovative services our customers demand. In 2006, we'll continue to focus on the fundamentals of our business - providing the best network, superior customer service and advanced, innovative products and services - day in and day out, one customer at a time. (Quote by - Charles Hand)

Because Aspect Software understands the challenges that our customers face in finding the right balance between meeting consumer demands and managing the realities of the top and bottom lines of their businesses, we are committed to delivering solutions that help our customers achieve their customer interaction goals. Our strong 2005 financial results demonstrate successful execution on this philosophy and the market should look for more of the same from Aspect Software in 2006. (Quote by - Jim Foy)

Microsoft is pleased that customers using SMS 2003, including our recently announced SMS 2003 R2, can take advantage of the new capabilities delivered through Intel AMT and Intel's Professional Business Platform via the Intel-developed add-on software for SMS. This enables customers to better manage their environments and computing infrastructures by reducing many challenges they face today. Similarly, Microsoft is increasing its investments in the Microsoft System Center family of products to address resource optimization and virtual machine life-cycle management so customers can manage their physical and virtualized environments from one toolset. (Quote by - Bob Muglia)

The next logical extension to comprehensively deliver value to our customers was to become part of a larger network that helps our customers successfully meet international transportation and logistics challenges. Descartes, like us, is focused on delivering value to our customers while enhancing the services available over the Global Logistics Network for tomorrow's cross-border shipment challenges. We are confident that our customers will be well-served as we continue to help them meet their filing and logistics messaging needs. Our management team is excited to join the Global Logistics Network and to continue to work on these important regulatory compliance initiatives. (Quote by - Wael Aggan)

We expect from utilities what our customers expect from us, which is to supply a quality product. Our customers demand we focus on products that are reliable and make going about their day more convenient and easier. We expect from our utilities that they provide reliable power service so we can concentrate on our customer needs without having to set aside resources that do not focus on our customers' needs. (Quote by - Jim O'Neill)

There is no tyrant like custom, and no freedom where its edicts are not resisted. (Quote by - Christian Nestell Bovee)

Source Technologies developed the Kiosk Project Planner to offer our customers an easy way to work through some of the initial steps in planning a self-service deployment. Banks and retailers are aggressively looking for transactional kiosks that address their customer's specific needs and that also provide unique branding opportunities. By allowing the customer to choose their model, devices, applications, colors and implementation plan, we are enabling our customers to quickly and effectively scope their project, reduce their time-to-benefit and maximize their return on investment. (Quote by - Miles Busby)

Business Objects is known for the excellence of both its business intelligence applications and its exceptional customer support organization. With an industry leading product platform and a growing customer base, the need to continue to deliver exceptional customer service is paramount. We are delighted that Business Objects has selected Knova's service resolution management applications for customer service and look forward to a strong partnership. (Quote by - Bruce Armstrong)

Siebel has provided a consistent vision for the CRM industry for over a decade. With Customer Adaptive Solutions -- and everything they represent -- the company is laying out a new vision for customer facing applications that are more flexible and better able to accommodate customer input. This will enable Siebel users to be more responsive to customers and enable the kind of customer centric processes that drive loyalty and, ultimately, repeat business. (Quote by - Denis Pombriant)

Most business absolutely think charging your customer higher prices and decreasing the total quality of their product will increase their profits. That is absolutely false! The opposite is true because quality always, always, always attracts more customers and profits will increase greatly. (Quote by - Timothy John Waterhouse)

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