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Thorough customers are our best customers. Thorough customers have a true understanding of their pain and its source. They make me prove how our product can deliver measurable ROI. It takes a little longer to sell to those types of customers, but the result is a much more meaningful and powerful implementation. (Quote by - Karl Pearson)

The costs we incur for paying for natural gas we have to pass on to the customer. We do everything we can to keep prices down because of our customers. One of the things we suggest to our customers is average billing. This is where your bill can be averaged out over 12 months. It is a big help and a good thing to do for our customers. (Quote by - Mike Richard)

The stronger you are at selling solutions, the more, of course, the customer is willing to pay, but also the longer you're able to keep that customer as your customer. (Quote by - Richard McLeod)

The trucking business is all about satisfying customers. We don't have a product to sell, so what we're really selling is the customer experience. If you really do a good job for customers, they'll come back and use you. (Quote by - Bill Zollars)

How well an online retailer manages chargebacks and fraud can aid customer retention and help build profits, Jeff Foster, executive vice president at Retail Decisions, told the conference. There are a lot of things in(Quote by - care involved in how you manage chargebacks. )

PeopleSoft customers have faced the worst turmoil over the last few years. Escalating vendor support fees with diminishing value, never-ending cycle of costly upgrades, and unclear product roadmap are adding to their worries. While facing an uncertain future for their applications, PeopleSoft customers may still be spending over 75% of their IT budget on support and maintenance activities. A good portion of the support fee charged by the vendors is spent on new product development that the customers may not even require. Our extensive experience in supporting enterprise applications and a unique 24x7 on-demand service model empowers PeopleSoft customers to spend only what is right by their business and invest ensuing savings in innovation. (Quote by - Punita Pandey)

If you count customer service as giving customers what they want, they have done a good job -- like Station (Casinos) has -- of giving customers quality food at the right price and decent value on their machines. (Quote by - Dennis Conrad)

Not being in tune with your customers is like living in an alternate reality; the way you think your customers feel about your product is not always the same as what your customers really think about your product. (Quote by - Bo Bennett)

Whether this customer drives in, phones in or clicks in, you as the dealer must develop an instant rapport with that customer and give them all of the information necessary to purchase from you. What you want to avoid is putting that younger buyer through a more traditional sales process from the past that when they finally weed through everything, they disconnect and go somewhere else. To succeed today, you must make sure these customers have the same experience on your lot that they had over the Internet. (Quote by - Marc Smith)

Lexus won by a wide margin, achieving a rating of 88 versus 83 for Porsche and 82 for Acura. Lexus customers rated it the most worthy of a price premium by a five-point margin. Lexus also posted the highest ratings in the critical Customer Retention and Customer Referral indices. (Quote by - Milton Pedraza)

Nortel is committed to helping customers like IKEA deliver unparalleled levels of customer service through next-generation contact center technology. To remain competitive, it's essential for organizations like IKEA to raise service levels and adapt to how customers may want to communicate with them. Nortel's contact center solution allows IKEA to meet this challenge head on and remove barriers of distance by giving agents the flexibility and agility to handle customer requests anytime, anywhere. (Quote by - Roxann Swanson)

The custom and fashion of today will be the awkwardness and outrage of tomorrow--so arbitrary are these transient laws. (Quote by - Alexander Dumas)

Our customers and prospects have long asked for a single enterprise-wide data connectivity vendor that can cover all platforms including the mainframe. This acquisition lets us meet all of our customers' data access requirements - regardless of their environment and where their data sits. And by acquiring the industry leader in mainframe access, we will continue our tradition of providing our customers with the very highest quality data connectivity products available anywhere. (Quote by - Rick Reidy)

Ancient custom has the force of law. (Quote by - Legal Maxim)

Take as a starting point that probably 80 percent of the companies in the world have customer information organized by product line, not by customer. Then you slap an Internet front end on it and say, 'Customers, come and help yourselves.' Guess what happens? Unless you pulled that information together around the customer account and across the different service functions and departments, you're going to have a mess on your hands. (Quote by - Patricia Seybold)

Our D.C., Maryland and Virginia customers are among the most demanding and tech-savvy in the nation and, while other wireless carriers play catch-up, we will continue to deliver the reliable and innovative services our customers demand. In 2006, we'll continue to focus on the fundamentals of our business -- providing the best network, superior customer service and advanced, innovative products and services -- day in and day out, one customer at a time. (Quote by - Tami Erwin)

Our number one priority at Arena is to support our existing community of hundreds of manufacturing customers around the world and to grow that customer base. Rick has a strong, 20+ year track record of building and managing sales organizations which deliver the customer care that mid-market manufacturers and their global supply chains need and driving double-digit year over year revenue growth. (Quote by - Michael Topolovac)

A customer service person is usually expected to focus on a specific customer, a specific question, and give the best possible answer, .. If you're raising the stakes on that customer service person and saying, 'Okay, now you have to essentially keep clear in your mind multiple questions,' the risk of either inaccurate or incomplete information being sent to customers rises. (Quote by - Mark Levitt)

You can't drive your own agenda, .. Customers drive your agenda for you. Customers cannot be disrupted, period. Oracle is a professional, ethical, large company. They're not going to disrupt any of our customers. (Quote by - Bruce Cleveland)

This new agreement builds on our very successful relationship with DirecTV. More than 523,000 customers have added DirecTV service to their BellSouth Answers bundle since 2004 -- a testament to the success of this relationship and this outstanding video entertainment offering. BellSouth and DirecTV have worked diligently to provide customers with unsurpassed value, quality and the highest level of customer support. (Quote by - David Scobey)

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