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Thanks to the citizen's tip and the surveillance of our Gang Unit, nine guns were taken off the streets Saturday night and will not be used in any further street crime. Specialized Investigations Division detectives are working diligently to investigate gang activity and are letting members know that their criminal activity will not be tolerated. (Quote by - Chief Ronal Serpas)

We must continue to be diligent in protecting Americans' civil liberties while preserving critical law enforcement tools we need to keep America safe. (Quote by - Debbie Stabenow)

Companies should conduct security due diligence on these third-party providers in order to understand the impact a third-party relationship may have on the company's risk posture. (Quote by - Samir Kapuria)

There is so much this committee can accomplish. The Bills will continue to work diligently in other areas of league economics to protect the viability of this franchise. (Quote by - Ralph Wilson)

Mastery of Self: A noble aim, impossible to grasp perfectly. The Hero: self, the embodiment of diligence. The Enemy: self, its laziest form of me. The struggle: continual. I cannot win, for I lack the strength to best my quality. However, by God's mercy, I'm enabled to make right choices and partake in all-encompassing Victory. (Quote by - Natasha Vanderlinden)

To what level will he be at when he comes in here? I don't know that. I know this - he is very diligent about wanting to get started. He's chomping at the bit to try to get us to give him bits and pieces so he can get going. (Quote by - Greg Robinson)

Insurance is a tough industry for investors to analyze, so we know we have to work harder to earn their trust. This ranking recognizes the diligence and energy of our investor relations team plus the hard work and commitment to disclosure of executives across our enterprise. We're gratified that investors acknowledged their efforts. (Quote by - David Johnson)

You've got to be diligent in wanting to get to a goal. So absolutely, you have to be realistic with your goal in the first place. Know that you're going to have to be patient and take the time to plan for a goal. (Quote by - Tessie Moton)

Art and nature have stores inexhaustible by human intellects; and every moment produces something new to him who has quickened his faculties by diligent observation. (Quote by - Samuel Johnson)

Due diligence is still under way there, so we're not prepared to comment on that,. (Quote by - Ron Gettelfinger)

Keiretsu Forum is very unique among the various angel groups because of the diversity of deals we consider as well as the benefits provided by the close collaboration of our many chapters across the country. By sharing a common deal screening and due diligence process, we are able to leverage the broad knowledge and expertise of our hundreds of members nationwide when making individual investment decisions. Many of our members say that they have never seen anything like it. (Quote by - John Dilts)

Everything is going to focus around the record, which he is diligently working on now. It's no different from any other hip-hop act; we're going to look for the right opportunities. (Quote by - Brent Smith)

We go in with eyes wide open and recognize there will be a lot of hard work involved. But we anticipate having success. We feel like we have assembled a great group of people. If we were going to do it any other way, we would have made an announcement a long time ago. We were very diligent. (Quote by - Troy Aikman)

We're going to let the authorities complete their investigation, and we're confident that, after their due diligence, my client will be exonerated. (Quote by - Pat Bonanno)

Some of these deals were done at the top of the market. Some of them are probably still in the due diligence stage and might be renegotiated or not happen at all,. (Quote by - David Massey)

Diligence is the mother of good fortune. (Quote by - Miguel de Cervantes)

We are disappointed to have any team below the NCAA cut line and will only increase our diligence to ensure that our student-athletes have the academic support and encouragement they need to be successful. (Quote by - Warde Manuel)

I think from my standpoint there was nothing stopping Ptarmigan Medical from moving forward from our side. Any time one gets into a new business venture there's going to be a due diligence period to see if that works or not. (Quote by - Steve Lowry)

A great fortune depends on luck, a small one on diligence. (Quote by - Chinese Proverb)

Unfortunately, over the past few days, we have had a very small number of students who have chosen to express openly some very racist views. We are working diligently to identify all students who have had any involvement in these incidents, and any student who is found to have contributed to these problems will be disciplined appropriately. (Quote by - Steve Miller)

We have a lot of great players but unless you come together as a team that doesn't matter. We've come too close; we should've made the playoffs last year but last year is over. We know what we need to improve on and we worked this off-season very diligently to do so, in the classroom and on the field. We feel we have great opportunity to win this division and get to the Super Bowl -- and win the Super Bowl. (Quote by - Sam Adams)

Friends describe Libby as engaging and unfailingly polite; it is his habit to stand when a dining partner excuses himself. He is diligent about returning reporters' calls, albeit on deep background and, in most cases, telling you absolutely nothing, .. is someone who would seem to spend a lot of effort at not getting caught up in something like this. (Quote by - William Kristol)

It is said that people often take a job for the salary but leave because of problems with a boss. What is the boss's management style? Is it compatible with your own work style? Failure to perform due diligence ahead of accepting an offer can mean that you are back in the job search market sooner than expected. (Quote by - Christine Tanner)

I am afraid that the schools will prove the very gates of hell, unless they diligently labor in explaining the Holy Scriptures and engraving them in the heart of the youth. (Quote by - Martin Luther)

The NAACP and everyone else can be assured that we will prosecute this case as diligently and as vigorously as we prosecuted the Lionel Tate case and every other serious case of this nature. (Quote by - Ron Ishoy)

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