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As it will be the right of all, so it will be the duty of some, definitely to prepare for a separation, amicably if they can, violently if they must. (Quote by - Josiah Quincy)

The reward of one duty is the power to fulfil another. (Quote by - George Eliot)

When I'm not thank'd at all, I'm thank'd enough: I've done my duty, and I've done no more. (Quote by - Henry Fielding)

And rank for her meant duty, various, Yet equal in its worth, done worthily. Command was service; humblest service done By willing and discerning souls was glory. (Quote by - George Eliot)

It is the duty of Her Majesty's government neither to flap nor to falter. (Quote by - Harold McMillan)

But what is your duty? What the day demands. (Quote by - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

Take up the White Man's burden. (Quote by - Rudyard Kipling)

What is the most important duty? One's duty toward one's parent. (Quote by - Giuseppe Mazzini)

Where there is plenty, charity is a duty, not a courtesy (Quote by - Owen Feltham)

Families are nothing other than the idolatry of duty. (Quote by - Ann Oakley)

It is thy duty oftentimes to do what thou wouldst not; thy duty, too, to leave undone that thou wouldst do. (Quote by - Thomas a Kempis)

The first duty of a revolutionary is to get away with it. (Quote by - Abbie Hoffman)

The things which must be, must be for the best, God helps us do our duty and not shrink, And trust His mercy humbly for the rest. (Quote by - Lord Lytton)

So nigh is grandeur to our dust, So near is God to man. When Duty whispers low, Thou must, The youth replies, I can. (Quote by - Ralph Waldo Emerson)

How can you come to know yourself? Never by thinking, always by doing. Try to do your duty, and you'll know right away what you amount to. (Quote by - Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe)

No eulogy is due to him who simply does his duty and nothing more. (Quote by - Saint Augustine)

Not aw'd to duty by superior sway. (Quote by - John Dryden)

If I do my full duty, the rest will take care of itself. (Quote by - George Patton)

In common things the law of sacrifice takes the form of positive duty. (Quote by - James Anthony Froude)

England expects every officer and man to do his duty this day (Quote by - Horatio Nelson)

Hath the spirit of all beauty Kissed you in the path of duty? (Quote by - Anna Katharine Green)

We are part of the community of Europe and we must do our duty as such. (Quote by - Lord Salisbury)

Happiness and moral duty are inseparably connected. (Quote by - George Washington)

I slept and dreamed that life was Beauty; I woke, and found that life was Duty:-- Was thy dream then a shadowy lie? (Quote by - Ellen Sturgis Hooper)

Do your duty in all things. You cannot do more, you should never wish to do less. (Quote by - Robert E Lee)

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