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Sir Drake whom well the world's end knew Which thou did'st compass round, And whom both Poles of heaven once saw Which North and South do bound, The stars above would make thee known, If men here silent were; The sun himself cannot forget His fellow traveller. (Quote by - John Owen)

An epigram is but a feeble thing - With straw in tail, stuck there by way of sting. (Quote by - William Cowper)

Unlike my subject, I will make my song. It shall be witty, and it shan't be long. (Quote by - Philip Dormer Stanhope)

And have you been able, Flaccus, to see the slender Thais? Then, Flaccus, I suspect you can see what is invisible. (Quote by - Marcus Valerius Martial)

Some learned writers . . . have compared a Scorpion to an Epigram . . . because as the sting of the Scorpion lyeth in the tayl, so the force and virtue of an epigram is in the conclusion. (Quote by - Edward Topsell)

In whatever place you meet me, Postumus, you cry out immediately, and your very first words are, "How do you do?" You say this, even if you meet me ten times in one single hour: you, Postumus, have nothing, I suppose, to do. (Quote by - Marcus Valerius Martial)

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