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Not too many people in America know about me, but all of Europe knows about me. (Quote by - Sun Ra)

I just completed a tour in Europe. I played every night. This requires traveling some days for six hours in a van or a train or a car. After six weeks of that, I checked into the hotel and just fell apart. (Quote by - Lee Konitz)

When they come to Europe, they are confronted by still closed borders. Thus, the concept of open borders is a very selective concept, one that is not taken seriously at all in the experience of non-Europeans. (Quote by - Ulrich Beck)

I enjoyed the two years I was with Clannad. I enjoyed touring. We toured a lot in Europe. (Quote by - Enya)

In this age of consumerism film criticism all over the world - in America first but also in Europe - has become something that caters for the movie industry instead of being a counterbalance. (Quote by - Wim Wenders)

It was his optimism that Freud bequeathed to America and it was the optimism of our youthfulness, our freedom from the sterner, sadder tradition of Europe which enabled us to seize his gift. (Quote by - Karl A. Menninger)

But if we had to trade with a Europe dominated by the present German trade policies, we might have to change our methods to some totalitarian form. This is a prospect that any lover of democracy must view with consternation. (Quote by - Wendell Willkie)

Europe's the mayonnaise, but America supplies the good old lobster. (Quote by - David Herbert Lawrence)

The fortress of Europe with its frontiers must be held and will be held too, as long as is necessary. (Quote by - Heinrich Himmler)

But I think it's a little different in Europe, because 40 is really the best age for a woman. That's when we hit our peak and become this ripe fruit. (Quote by - Juliette Binoche)

We can't put up a protectionist dam on our own against the neo-liberal world market either. However, we can try, together with our European partners, to maintain the social character of Europe as much as possible. (Quote by - Johan Huizinga)

A specter is haunting Europe - the specter of communism. (Quote by - Karl Marx)

We all know about the fantastic appeal of the Barclays Premiership in the UK but this sponsorship also fits our international presence and aspirations particularly in Asia and continental Europe. (Quote by - Bob Diamond)

I was quite ready to accept certain restrictions on the United States. After all, there was a great dollar shortage. It was quite clear that the more prosperous Europe became, the more business there would be in the United States. (Quote by - W. Averell Harriman)

You can go to Europe, and there's no turnin' back - any parts of Europe. Wherever you are, there is no stop and go for the blues. The blues go but it don't stop. (Quote by - John Lee Hooker)

I went with Lionel Hampton for three years. Out of that came a trip to Europe. (Quote by - Quincy Jones)

The big challenges are the biggest stage and it is a true test of all footballers in Europe. (Quote by - Sir Alex Ferguson)

Whoever speaks of Europe is wrong: it is a geographical expression. (Quote by - Otto Von Bismarck)

You didn't just pay lip service to the goal of overcoming the division of Europe and Germany... Rather, you put yourself at the forefront of those who encouraged us on the way to unity. (Quote by - Helmut Kohl)

As long as Nazi violence was unleashed only, or mainly, against the Jews, the rest of the world looked on passively and even treaties and agreements were made with the patently criminal government of the Third Reich.... The doors of Palestine were closed to Jewish immigrants, and no country could be found that would admit those forsaken people. They were left to perish like their brothers and sisters in the occupied countries. We shall never forget the heroic efforts of the small countries, of the Scandinavian, the Dutch, the Swiss nations, and of individuals in the occupied part of Europe who did all in their power to protect Jewish lives (Quote by - Albert Einstein)

Fascism is a European inquietude. It is a way of knowing everything -- history, the State, the achievement of the proletarianization of public life, a new way of knowing the phenomena of our epoch. (Quote by - J. A. Primo De Rivera)

I was brought in touch with developing post World War I ideas in Europe. (Quote by - Frank Scott)

But let no one be under any doubt that the scale of the challenge that Europe faces in this emerging global economy is immense and the practical pace of our collective action to meet these challenge to date has just been too slow. (Quote by - John Hutton)

Today, Germany is on the borders of Europe everywhere. (Quote by - Heinrich Himmler)

I worked for a newspaper in Europe for, I lived in Europe for about seven years, so I worked in this sort of a yellow journalism kind of a thing, it was like a scandal sheet. (Quote by - Kurt Loder)

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