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Distance makes the heart grow fonder, and familiarity breeds contempt. According to this my soul mate should be in Thailand. (Quote by - Jason Zebehazy)

Our love was new, and then but in the spring, When I was wont to greet it with my lays, As Philomel in summer's front doth sing And stops her pipe in growth of riper days; Not that the summer is less pleasant now Than when her mournful hymns did hush the night, But that wild music burdens every bough, And sweets grown common lose their dear delight. (Quote by - William Shakespeare)

If ever a man and his wife, or a man and his mistress, who pass nights as well as days together, absolutely lay aside all good breeding, their intimacy will soon degenerate into a coarse familiarity, infallibly productive of contempt or disgust. (Quote by - Lord Chesterfield )

Be not too familiar with thy servants; at first it may beget love, but in the end it will breed contempt. (Quote by - Thomas Fuller (1))

It seems important to find ways of reminding ourselves that most "familiarity" is meditated and delusive. (Quote by - David Foster Wallace)

Sweets grown common lose their dear delight. (Quote by - William Shakespeare)

The living together for three long, rainy days in the country has done more to dispel love than all the perfidies in love that have ever been committed. (Quote by - Sir Arthur Helps)

I think early on I knew what I was going to do and it was based a lot on familiarity but it was also because I didn't have a lot of skills. There was nothing I wanted t be. I didn't want to be a doctor. I wanted to be in show business. (Quote by - Christopher Walken)

There's some familiarity in Celtic music, even if you've never heard that piece of music before. (Quote by - Nobuo Uematsu)

Beauty soon grows familiar to the lover, Fades in his eye, and palls upon the sense. (Quote by - Joseph Addison)

The melancholy have the best sense of the comic, the opulent often the best sense of the rustic, the dissolute often the best sense of the moral, and the doubter often the best sense of the religious. (Quote by - S ren Kierkegaard)

You need to have a redesign because familiarity breeds a kind of complacency. (Quote by - Timothy White)

I don't see how they can with most of my pieces, but I think it's unfortunate that they can through familiarity with flashy performances of a great deal of other music. (Quote by - Peter Maxwell Davies)

The hues of the opal, the light of the diamond, are not to be seen if the eye is too near. (Quote by - Ralph Waldo Emerson)

An idol may be undeified by many accidental causes. Marriage, in particular, is a kind of counter apotheosis, as a deification inverted. When a man becomes familiar with his goddess she quickly sinks into a woman. (Quote by - Joseph Addison)

All objects lose by too familiar a view. (Quote by - John Dryden)

Accessing capital to start a business can be a daunting process, especially for entrepreneurs who start out with a great idea, but have no real familiarity with the business world. (Quote by - Gavin Newsom)

People need to be peppered or even outraged occasionally. Our national comedy and drama is packed with earthy familiarity and honest vulgarity. Clean vulgarity can be very shocking and that, in my view, gives greater involvement. (Quote by - Kenneth Williams)

Admiration and familiarity are strangers. (Quote by - George Sand)

In politics, familiarity doesn't breed contempt. It breeds votes. (Quote by - Paul Lazarsfeld)

Familiarity with evil breeds not contempt but acceptance. (Quote by - Roy Hattersley)

Bobby Fischer has an enormous knowledge of chess and his familiarity with the chess literature of the USSR is immense. (Quote by - Boris Spassky)

Free is more of that 'familiarity breeds contempt' kind of thing. It's about saying 'Wait, I'm longing for something more than I have and I don't know what it is that I want, but I know I want it.' It has nothing to do with what I'm going through, personally. (Quote by - Jon Crosby)

Familiarity so dulls the edge of perception as to make us least acquainted with things forming part of our daily life. (Quote by - Julia Ward Howe)

Staled by frequence, shrunk by usage into commonest commonplace! (Quote by - Lord Alfred Tennyson)

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