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Some people thought, 'Well, it's next door to all the fancy Ipanema hotels -- so instead of scaring tourists away, why not bring them here and show them it's not such a bad place at all'. (Quote by - Carlos Costa)

We figure to ourselves The thing we like, and then we build it up As chance will have it, on the rock or sand: For Thought is tired of wandering o'er the world, And homebound Fancy runs her bark ashore. (Quote by - Sir Henry Taylor)

I think (in Arkansas) we saw something that was not quite as fancy but very functional. (Quote by - Tim Norton)

Casually elegant. Barefoot elegant. Not ultra fancy. That's what we are striving for here. (Quote by - Julie Norton)

Look for what may strike their fancy. (Quote by - Terrance Gainer)

We started with this idea of doing something fancy.. but with the basis of sport. (Quote by - Miuccia Prada)

The truant Fancy was a wanderer ever. (Quote by - Charles Lamb)

A lot of celebrities just want money, fame, power, fancy cars, houses all over the world and have people bow down to them. To me, that's frightful behaviour. (Quote by - Shirley Manson)

It's not a fancy place. It's comfortable and homey. (Quote by - Ann Harrington)

I'll leave Basra.. I don't fancy being kidnapped again. (Quote by - James Brandon)

Something lingering with boiling oil in it, I fancy. (Quote by - William S. Gilbert)

It is sad that, over the years, all of these fanciful and unusual theories about Mr. Holt's disappearance should receive public ventilation, overshadow his life and require an explanation. (Quote by - Graeme Johnstone)

I liked the way we executed there at the end. It wasn't anything fancy, just attacking the basket and finding people open at the right times. (Quote by - Pat Derksen)

One thing we have learned from doing these things is not to get too fancy with the channel designs. Once the water starts flowing, it usually has its own ideas on where to go. (Quote by - Thomas Ardito)

I want to have more of a modest scale, not fancy, business trade show in central Tokyo for maybe two or three days. (Quote by - Yoshihiro Maruyama)

They go with everything from jeans to a fancy outfit. (Quote by - Darrin Cody)

Josh is absolutely gorgeous - and very nice. I definitely fancied him and I think he fancied me. But then Scarlett turned up. It could have been me - I'm gutted. (Quote by - Jemima Rooper)

I decided that I would be one of the biggest new names; and I actually had some little fancy business cards printed up to announce it, "Count Basie. Beware, the Count is Here.". (Quote by - Count Basie)

We put up the fancy spires first. When we saw that the whole edifice was shaky, we set to building the walls. We have still to make a cellar. (Quote by - Zoltan Kodaly)

Costly thy habit as thy purse can buy, / But not express'd in fancy; rich, not gaudy; / For the apparel oft proclaims the man. (Quote by - William Shakespeare)

It's just like going to a fancy restaurant. (Quote by - Beth Buster)

I just feel that if somebody happened to fancy somebody else, well, then, I should be a friend that he can say it to. (Quote by - Andrea Corr)

After I birdied the 10th I did fancy my chances of a 59. (Quote by - Anthony Wall)

Some things are of that nature as to make One's fancy chuckle, while his heart doth ache. (Quote by - John Bunyan)

Our goal in this game was to create a physical presence on our offense, nothing fancy. (Quote by - Chuck Long)

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