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Fireflies Quotes
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His sanguine spirit turns every firefly into a star. (Quote by - Arthur Conan Doyle)

My fancies are fireflies Specks of living light twinkling in the dark. (Quote by - Rabindranath Tagore)

Now comes the evening of the mind. Here are the fireflies twitching in the blood. (Quote by - Donald Justice)

We'll never make Firefly again, because that was a thing that existed and is now gone. And Serenity isn't Firefly, and whatever comes next won't be, either. But I would love to tell more stories of this universe and to hang out with these people on and off for the rest of my career. (Quote by - Joss Whedon)

Events are the ephemera of history; they pass across its stage like fireflies, hardly glimpsed before they settle back into darkness and as often as not into oblivion. Every event, however brief, has to be sure a contribution to make, lights up some dark corner or even some wide vista of history. Nor it it only political history which benefits most, for every historical landscape--political, economic, social, even geographical--is illumined by the intermittent flare of the event. (Quote by - Fernand Braudel)

In the case of both Buffy and Firefly , it was almost a case of devising a language. (Quote by - Arthur Conan Doyle)

Many a night I saw the Pleiads, rising thro' the mellow shade Glitter like a swarm of fireflies tangled in a silver braid. (Quote by - Lord Alfred Tennyson)

Before, beside us, and above The firefly lights his lamp of love. (Quote by - Bishop Reginald Heber)

Religions are like fireflies. They require darkness in order to shine. (Quote by - Arthur Schopenhauer)

Tiny Salmoneus of the air His mimic bolts the firefly threw. (Quote by - James Russell Lowell)

Insights and perceptions pass through the mind like fleet fireflies. Lit for an instant, then gone back into the dark. (Quote by - Leonard Bishop)

So you treat your love like a firefly, like it only gets to shine for a little while. Catch it in a mason jar, with holes in the top, and run like hell to show it off. (Quote by - Miranda Lambert)

Is it where the flow'r of the orange blows, And the fireflies dance thro' the myrtle boughs? (Quote by - Felicia D. Hemans)

Now, motionless and dark, eluded search Self-shrouded: and anon, starring the sky, Rose like a shower of fire. (Quote by - Robert Southey)

The fireflies o'er the meadow In pulses come and go. (Quote by - James Russell Lowell)

What is life? It is the flash of a firefly in the night. It is the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset. (Quote by - Crowfoot)

Paperbacks blink in and out of print like fireflies. They also, as older collectors have ruefully discovered, fade and fall apart even more rapidly than their owners. (Quote by - Paul Gray)

And the fireflies, Wah-wah-taysee, Waved their torches to mislead him. (Quote by - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow)

You can take all the sincerity in Hollywood, place it in the navel of a firefly and still have room enough for three caraway seeds and a producer's heart. (Quote by - Fred Allen)

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