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Fishermen are inherently reluctant to put pots in the water without an agreed-upon price. It puts them in a very weak position from a marketing standpoint. (Quote by - Nick Furman)

The shadows now so long do grow, That brambles like tall cedars show, Molehills seem mountains, and the ant Appears a monstrous elephant (Evening Quatrains). (Quote by - Charles Cotton)

And it came to pass, that, as the people pressed upon him to hear the word of God, he stood by the lake of Gennesaret, / And saw two ships standing by the lake: but the fishermen were gone out of them, and were washing their nets. (Quote by - Bible)

If fishermen don't return the tags, we've wasted a lot of time and effort this month. I think everyone around the state is waiting to see how this study works out. (Quote by - Paul Gerrity)

I'm thinking of taking a window cleaner's job to fill the spare hour in the evening. (Quote by - Stuart Pearce)

I could think of three or four fishermen who would do really well in the pro tour. Some of these people are definitely better than me. (Quote by - Josh Mabee)

Even if this spill doesn't get any worse, the damage from it -- and that's of course not sure -- a leading fishing industry executive says that the Christmas season is already ruined by this spill for several thousand fishermen and their families. (Quote by - Al Goodman)

We are fishermen. It's going to be hard to do something else. We don't have much to live on. We take care of one another. We're survivors. (Quote by - Louis Thompson)

We're trying to get (commercial fishermen) out of only fishing 10 days and into quotas, so they can fish whenever they want to. (Quote by - Rick Leard)

That incident really devastated the other fishermen. (Quote by - John Clark)

I wouldn't say it's cold, but every year Winnipeg's athlete of the year is an ice fisherman. (Quoteby - Dale Tallon)

The fishers also shall mourn, and all they that cast angle into the brooks shall lament, and they that spread nets upon the waters shall languish. (Quote by - Bible)

Of course, now I am too old to be much of a fisherman, and now of course I usually fish the big waters alone, although some friends think I shouldn't. Like many fly fishermen in western Montana where the summer days are almost Arctic in length, I often do not start fishing until the cool of the evening. Then in the Arctic half-light of the canyon, all existence fades to a being with my soul and memories and the sounds of the Big Blackfoot River and a four-count rhythm and the hope that a fish will rise. (Quote by - Norman Fitzroy Maclean)

Where the effect comes in droughts is the low water levels coming off the spawn. All the water is pulled off the cover the baby bass are hiding in. They can't hide and this hurts recruitment. But it is something fishermen might not notice for three or four years. (Quote by - Dave Terre)

With the fishermen who are going to be there, and with all the 8- to 12-pounders that are in that chain of water, it could happen. (Quote by - Aaron Martens)

Very little is known of the Canadian country since it is rarely visited by anyone but the Queen and illiterate sport fishermen. (Quote by - P. J. O'Rourke)

Fishing is much more than fish. It is the great occasion when we may return to the fine simplicity of our forefathers. (Quote by - Herbert Hoover)

We're trying to stay at Fishermen's Village. We want the shopping center management to reconsider extending our lease. I don't think they realize the amount of traffic we generate for the shopping center. There are other spots available in Charlotte County, but none are high-traffic areas. (The Port Charlotte) Town Center mall is not an option because there are no available stores. (Quote by - Tim Wagner)

Let us go then, you and I, When the evening is spread out against the sky Like a patient etherized upon a table (The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock). (Quote by - T S Elliot)

It used to be it was just a bunch of salty old fishermen that went down there and fished from the bank. (Quote by - Gary Martel)

Sure the county is growing, but these new residents must be fishermen. (Quote by - Kent Curley)

Some people are under the impression that all that is required to make a good fisherman is the ability to tell lies easily and without blushing; but this is a mistake. (Quote by - Jerome K. Jerome quotes)

There is no greater fan of fly fishing than the worm. (Quote by - Patrick F. McManus, Never Sniff a Gift Fish, 1979)

Of all the liars among mankind, the fisherman is the most trustworthy. (Quote by - William Sherwood Fox, Silken Lines and Silver Hooks, 1954)

I said they are highly trained and they carry guns. But officers don't draw their guns unless it's called for. The comments were never intended as a threat to fishermen. (Quote by - Don Radford)

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