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I am honored to be selected as Canada's flag bearer for the closing ceremony of the 2006 Olympic Winter Games. Over the past 16 days we've had some outstanding performances by Canadian athletes and it is truly overwhelming to be selected as the flag bearer amidst the most successful Canadian Olympic Winter Games team ever. (Quote by - Cindy Klassen)

The pull back in housing remains orderly, at least in the existing market. But the red flags are up. Inventories continue to rise and that is a warning that prices cuts could be coming, and soon. (Quote by - Joel Naroff)

Ye mariners of England! That guard our native seas; Whose flag has braved a thousand years, The battle and the breeze! (Quote by - Thomas Campbell)

I still want to be the candidate for guys with Confederate flags in their pickup trucks. We can't beat George Bush unless we appeal to a broad cross-section of Democrats. (Quote by - Howard Dean)

Nobody wanted to back them (to win the flag) during the pre-season and after the two losses (to start the season) there is even less interest now. (Quote by - Gary Davies)

I've worked with children's charities for a number of years and it just sent up flags for me. (Quote by - Tony Davis)

The Suns, meanwhile, appeared to be hoisting a white flag over the Arizona desert. With a 12-22 record at the time, they were clearing out big contracts for salary-cap relief and a chance to start over again the following summer. We are taking a step backward in the immediate run, .. But we're certainly looking forward to the future. (Quote by - Bryan Colangelo)

During that red flag, my crew told me Bakker was really fast and he was going to have me for lunch when the race restarted unless I changed my line. I decided to restart the race on the high side of the track and just stay there, and it worked. (Quote by - Justin Henderson)

That's probably all we would do, unless something else -- some kind of flag -- would indicate illegal activity. I'm sure that if there was a flag that went up, a possible counterfeit or something, there would've been more paperwork done. (Quote by - Don Hines)

The less a statesman amounts to, the more he loves the flag. (Quote by - Kin Hubbard)

We said we'd fly the flag without him and carry on. I didn't give him a kiss because I still hadn't accepted what was happening. I was hoping that some miracle was going to happen. Of course, it didn't. I wish I had kissed him now. (Quote by - Robin Gibb)

You see the ribbon on cars and trucks and flags in places and it is so abstract until it hits your family. (Quote by - Jerome Gourley)

I cried a little bit in the race car on the way to the checkered flag. Well, maybe not cried, but at least my eyes watered up. (Quote by - Dale Earnhardt Jr)

I don't think the flag is going to come down. That's not in the cards. It's unpredictable at this point how it will go. Right now it's an outstanding violation, but compromises can always be made. (Quote by - Robert Brown)

Sometimes the flag gets to the very top and she lets go before I can secure it and the flag comes down the pole. She just laughs and laughs. (Quote by - Patrick Hanlon)

Even pirates, before they attack another ship, hoist a black flag. (Quote by - Bela Kiraly)

Clearly the flag was there, .. because the intercepts show that the helicopter pilots saw it immediately, before they ever even got up to the ship. (Quote by - James Bamford)

I was looking to get back to the front on the next (green-flag) run, but the car got loose -- it was a struggle just to maintain our position. (Quote by - Joe Nemechek)

Anytime they take to the streets, we'll burn a Mexican flag. (Quote by - Laine Lawless)

It's not scripted. We set the stage, prep the track, then throw the green flag and they go to town. (Quote by - Pat Wilson)

What a great opportunity to come to my fifth Olympics, be flag bearer and also be a returning medalist so I have a platform to talk about something and hopefully do some good in this world. (Quote by - Chris Witty)

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