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The one thing we don't have is that one flag, .. But we are all here as a bunch of blokes having a good time together and doing the best we can. (Quote by - Ian Baker)

Look, their [banner] was already up here. We wish they had taken it down. Please give me your flag. (Quote by - Rulon Gardner)

That's negative squared. It's like waving a red flag in front of a bull. (Quote by - Bill Lynch)

Why fight for a flag when you can buy one for a nickel. (Quote by - Ezra Pound)

We were lucky with those caution flags, and I am happy with our finish. My car was well balanced, but not as good as the others were. (Quote by - Dario Franchitti)

This flag .. is raised not without costs, .. without the costs of having struggled for many years, without the costs of having lost so many lives in order to have a free and sovereign and good Afghanistan. (Quote by - Hamid Karzai)

They can wave any flag they want, but we expect the Palestinian Authority to take full responsibility. (Quote by - Dan Harel)

I suggest taking pictures here with an unfolded national flag. (Quote by - Hong Feng)

I do this for myself because I am my own fatherland, and my handkerchief is my flag. (Quote by - Reinhold Messner)

I flew over there and I didn't see one flag, one towel or one person on a roof. (Quote by - Robert LeBlanc)

When facism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross. (Quote by - Sinclair Lewis)

I'd say it's a pink flag, not a red flag. It's not necessarily going to get you audited, but you have to be careful. (Quote by - Martin Nissenbaum)

The key thing is to make sure the consumer doesn't start flagging,. (Quote by - Mike Lenhoff)

I said, 'You idiot, why didn't you just tell me to aim away from the flag?' It's not that hard. (Quote by - Tiger Woods)

It sent up a red flag for everybody to address that issue now so it won't come up at the last minute. (Quote by - Mason Phelps)

It's just cool. It's got the Italian flag on it. (Quote by - Mike Piazza)

I don't think this raises any red flags. It's an intriguing thing but it happens to everybody. Everyone knows that the implementation of software can get tricky. (Quote by - Charles Payne)

We will carry out the investigation using the fund offered by White-flag Dolphin Foundation based in Switzerland. (Quote by - Wang Li)

If you have a weak candidate and a weak platform, wrap yourself up in the American flag and talk about the Constitution. (Quote by - Matthew Stanley Quay)

And then the moment we say something back. The ref throws a flag. (Quote by - Shadi Ayoub)

I didn't have any red flags coming up that I should be concerned about him. (Quote by - Julie Roberts)

He agreed with my assessment. So we'll get a late flag. (Quote by - Barry Alvarez)

You've got to tweak your game to the rule changes. Now it's a flag if you turn into a guy while trying to make a play. It didn't used to be that way. I got flagged one time for turning my head. 'You didn't turn it away,' the official said. Now why would I want to turn away from a ball that was coming my way?. (Quote by - Corey Chavous)

This is the song of the wind as it came, Tossing the flags of the Nations to flame. (Quote by - Alfred Noyes)

Let it be borne on the flag under which we rally in every exigency, that we have one country, one constitution, one destiny. (Quote by - Daniel Webster)

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