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Under spreading ensigns moving nigh, in slow But firm battalion. (Quote by - John Milton)

What is the flag of England? Ye have but my breath to dare, Ye have but my waves to conquer. Go forth, for it is there. (Quote by - Rudyard Kipling)

If you wave a flag, make it an American Flag. (Quote by - Antonio Villaraigosa)

The imperial ensign; which, full high advanced, Shone like a meteor streaming to the wind. (Quote by - John Milton)

The current account deficit is above the 3% benchmark, a high-water mark generally considered to flag pending currency weakness to restore a balance between exports and imports. (Quote by - Colen Garrow)

These girls have been underdogs all year. They had to play Flag like this, and they stayed focused doing their job. That's what made them successful today. (Quote by - Cheryl Kirkland)

I don't like having any foreign flag shoved in my face while someone tries to bully me into doing something. (Quote by - Chris Baker)

There should be human studies to finally establish that this is a major red flag. (Quote by - Srikumar Chellappan)

I'm going to have to get really lucky tomorrow, .. The flags are going to be in some tricky positions to get up-and-down from. (Quote by - Retief Goosen)

She was the true cause carrying the flag. She's something else. (Quote by - Lisa Morrison)

Hats off! Along the street there comes A blare of bugles, a ruffle of drums, A flash of color beneath the sky: Hats off! The flag is passing by. (Quote by - Henry Holcomb Bennett)

The first thing was the introduction of the teams, where they ran behind the flags. They had to do it about five times. After the third time, they were exhausted. They didn't know they were going to do it over. They ran out there about a hundred miles an hour. (Quote by - Pat Ball)

United States, your banner wears Two emblems--one of fame; Alas! the other that it bears Reminds us of your shame. Your banner's constellation types White freedom with its stars, But what's the meaning of the stripes? They mean your negroes' scars. (Quote by - Thomas Campbell)

Punishing desecration of the flag dilutes the very freedom that makes this emblem so revered. (Quote by - William Brennan)

I pledged California to a Northern Republic and to a flag that should have no treacherous threads of cotton in its warp, and the audience came down in thunder. (Quote by - Thomas Starr King)

They are looking for certain red flags, verifying addresses, looking for certain behaviors that are tip-offs to fraudulent transactions,. (Quote by - Barry Parr)

Others say the deal could also raise flags over the combined AOL Time Warner's ability to limit access to Internet content. From the consumer point of view, there may be questions about whether you'll have to be an AOL subscriber to get Time magazine, .. That combination of media with the access is one through which you may be able to block access to your competitors' subscribers. (Quote by - Charlene Li)

Any power must be an enemy of mankind which enslaves the individual by terror and force, whether it arises under the Fascist or the Communist flag. All that is valuable in human society depends upon the opportunity for development accorded to the ind. (Quote by - Albert Einstein)

No disrespect to anyone. I just didn't know where the flag was. (Quote by - Ray Emery)

That was incredible. It's something you always dream of. Having two Canadian flags up there was a really special feeling. It was so awesome to have both of us up there. I can't describe it. (Quote by - Cindy Klassen)

I spoke with him on Sunday. I asked him to make a case for a flag and certificates I sent my kids from when I was in Afghanistan. (Quote by - Mike Dunne)

We're proud to support our employees who are serving our country, and this flag will be given a prominent spot at Keystone. (Quote by - Dave Ford)

Listen, nobody ever walked around waving a Vaughan flag. Maybe it's not politically correct to say it, but that's the way it is. (Quote by - Cary Kaplan)

One warning, and if the infractions continue, we throw the flag. (Quote by - Yogi Berra)

No one wants to withhold relief funding for survivors of Katrina, .. the red flag to show there's something wrong going on here. (Quote by - Will Adams)

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