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We're talking about 3M taking about 10 years now to reach what we believe is an incorrect and flawed conclusion. Let's not start piling new numbers on top of that. Let's just take the next step and start thinking about mitigation. (Quote by - Dan Larson)

We expect it will be part of a process of continuing political reforms and that the flaws that were visible in this election will be corrected for November's parliamentary election. (Quote by - Scott McClellan)

Reporters, even flawed reporters, should not be jailed for protecting even flawed sources. (Quote by - Judith Miller)

One of the biggest things I've done is learn how to love myself, flaws and all. Even the things I don't like about myself, I accept. People have made fun of me and made me self-conscious about talking so softly, for example, but I accept that as who I am and I'm not changing it for anybody. I'm at peace with who I am now, and once you've achieved that, all the other stuff disappears. (Quote by - Ricky Williams)

Everybody has that thing where they need to look one way but they come out looking another way and that's what people observe. You see someone on the street and essentially what you notice about them is the flaw. (Quote by - Diane Arbus)

The two young actresses bonded, both on and off camera. We let all of our flaws go, .. We let go of all of our private thoughts, and we embraced each other. (Quote by - Angelina Jolie)

I have argued with great futility that this entire argument is based on a flawed premise. If you use a more realistic GDP assumption, based on what we've seen over the past few decades, Social Security won't go bankrupt. (Quote by - Greg Valliere)

They have so fundamentally flawed techniques it's ridiculous. They shoot the ball flat. They all stand upright, there's just so many things they do incorrectly. (Quote by - Rick Barry)

Every diamond has the ability to shine when there is someone to recognize its good facets and inhibit its flaws. (Quote by - Wes Fessler)

They are not bad people trying to cheat on their spouses, but they are drawn together and they are flawed. (Quote by - Clive Owen)

The authorities are fully aware that their social and economic policy is very flawed with respect to providing acceptable living conditions to the majority of the population. All the failures are [allegedly] due to the presence of other people with either the wrong religion, the wrong skin color, or another ethnic background. [The authorities seek to] direct the discontent caused by the country's social and economic situation toward these people. (Quote by - Yury Vdovin)

Anyone who looks at that objectively would agree you had a horrible flawed process in place. If those numbers are accurate, why would Firestone not report that to headquarters? .. How could you possibly have not known in 1996 that you had an obligation to recall those tires..how could you assume that a one-out-of-10 failure rate was not significant enough to issue a recall?. (Quote by - Billy Tauzin)

I think that's a major flaw. I think there's a few teams here that I don't want to say don't deserve to be here but they haven't proven themselves. Winning one event or coming second or third in some other event shouldn't get you here. (Quote by - Randy Ferbey)

All share analysis is based on a flawed concept. (Quote by - James Ferguson)

It would be really great if people would realize that stars are only people with the same weaknesses and flaws, not immaculate idols. (Quote by - Meg Ryan)

This is fatally flawed. It's not even close. (Quote by - Max Masel)

Hurricane Katrina pointed out continuing serious flaws in our emergency preparedness and response. And this was frustrating to us. (Quote by - Thomas Kean)

The flaw in the statute [is] that in all its applications, it operates on a fundamentally mistaken premise that high solicitation costs are an accurate measure of fraud. (Quote by - Harry A. Blackmun)

When you have faults, do not fear to abandon them. (Quote by - Confucius)

If you can learn to love yourself and all the flaws, you can love other people so much better. And that makes you so happy. (Quote by - Kristin Chenoweth)

This course is ready for whatever they want to put on it. I didn't see any flaws on the course. (Quote by - Arnold Palmer)

There are so many flaws, .. I don't think they can be fixed. (Quote by - James Carroll)

The flaw is fairly significant in terms of its reach. (Quote by - Alain Sergile)

Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without one. (Quote by - Chinese Proverb)

It's way too early to pass judgment. It's still got flaws. They need to tweak it. Is it better than it ever was? I think the verdict is still out on that. (Quote by - Darrell Waltrip)

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