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It's not likely you're going to be able to match the flexibility of the PC [with a low-cost Linux device]. But the opportunity to firewall it off a little bit, to keep it from being the core device, certainly appeals to a lot of developers. (Quote by - Stephen Baker)

IBM customers of any size can now rest assured that Double-Take, the most innovative, flexible and reliable data protection solution on the market, is proven to integrate easily into their IBM infrastructure. (Quote by - Dan Jones)

Ben has the most flexibility to play multiple positions. He has a good all-around ability to catch the ball. There's a chance he might move back to wideout. (Quote by - Gary Smith)

Essentially, what the bill is moving forward [to] is more flexibility, which is good. (Quote by - Paul Regnier)

This is the most flexible standard OSHA has ever proposed. It includes options to make it easy for employers to comply. (Quote by - Charles Jeffress)

We needed to modernize our health care I.T. infrastructure. We want to have more flexibility when it comes to member interactions and to leverage technology to really change the model and become a trusted adviser. (Quote by - Scott Storrer)

You have to have a plan and it's important to stick to it, but it should be flexible too. (Quote by - Barbara Saunders)

It's going to give us more flexibility. You come to La Costa and you're at a world-class place. The practice facility should reflect that. (Quote by - Desi Howe)

I think IBM invented proprietary back in the 80s, but that's not what customers want. They want to have flexibility in choosing a variety of different technologies that they want to deploy. (Quote by - Bob Samson)

In the new workplace, with its emphasis on flexibility, teams and a strong customer orientation, this crucial set of emotional competencies is becoming increasingly essential for excellence in every job in every part of the world. (Quote by - Daniel Goleman)

There's no flexibility in helping agencies manage their money on a daily basis. (Quote by - Shawn Gumataotao)

China's currency practices are constraining other emerging Asian countries from pursuing greater flexibility. (Quote by - Tim Adams)

I'm excited in the future because of the flexibility the company will have and give us as Ford dealers. (Quote by - David Brown)

We don't know where; we don't know when. That's one of the flexible parts of the equation. Obviously, you'd like it to be at higher levels because of the competition, but you don't want him pitching in 35-degree weather. (Quote by - Gord Ash)

I'm encouraged in that I believe that both sides expressed a willingness to be more flexible in looking at their own differences. (Quote by - Alexis Herman)

If you are asking me if I would advocate that the Chinese go to greater flexibility in their exchange rate, I certainly would. (Quote by - Ben Bernanke)

There's always ambiguity. None of these cases have 'an' answer. That's why you've got to be flexible. (Quote by - Sherrie McNulty)

Our written plan calls for five sites, .. I know where they are. The plan is flexible enough to move them. (Quote by - William Nelson)

Part of this process is looking at staffing needs going forward. We believe the changes will allow stores additional flexibility .. to serve our customers. (Quote by - Chris Brathwaite)

Carriers have a lot more flexibility today in their choices to buy or customize technology to transform their operations. (Quote by - Cynthia Saccocia)

There are eight words or references that light up employers' eyes: languages, computer, experience, achievement, hard-working, overseas experience, flexible, and task-oriented. (Quote by - Carol Kleiman)

It's another piece to the puzzle and it enables us to do whatever we want and gives us the flexibility to go here and go there and not have to rely on anybody else. (Quote by - Todd Lodwick)

I practice yoga at Baptiste Power Yoga, which has studios around town. It's great for flexibility, it's therapeutic, and great for your attitude. And it gets you some silence during your day. (Quote by - Tom Brady)

At a time when we want to provide a maximum amount of flexibility to workers, this new policy announcement just flies in the face of that. (Quote by - Frank Coleman)

We also need sincerity and flexibility in order to overcome the legacy of the past. (Quote by - Tasnim Aslam)

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