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Goths don't identify with evil, we mourn the evil in society. The fascination with death is basically a reminder to us of our own mortality. For these reasons, we wear black. (Quote by - Chris Schaffer)

Ask ten goths what 'goth' means, and you'll get eleven different answers. (Quote by - Brian Luce)

Goths tend to be rather pacifistic, so to associate all Goths with violence because some of them are into heavy metal music is illogical. It makes just as much sense to reason like this: some nuns like soccer; violence sometimes occurs at soccer matches; therefore, nuns tend to be violent. (Quote by - Chris Schaffer)

we, the goths, do know how death, depression, despair, grief, misery and sorrow feels. (Quote by - Outcast Angel)

Goths are sort of like mimes with long hair and trenchcoats. Neat. (Quote by - Adam Rixey)

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