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The dullard's envy of brilliant men is always assuaged by the suspicion that they will come to a bad end. (Quote by - Max Beerbohm)

Great men stand like solitary towers in the city of God. (Quote by - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow)

The heights by men reached and kept Were not attained by sudden flight, But they, while their companions slept, Were toiling upward in the night. (Quote by - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow)

As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world - that is the myth of the atomic age - as in being able to remake ourselves. (Quote by - Mohandas Gandhi)

The biggest dog has been a pup. (Quote by - Joaquin Miller)

It is incumbent upon us to understand our greatness and believe in it so that we do not cheapen and profane ourselves. (Quote by - Meir Kahane)

There is no greatness where there is no simplicity, goodness and truth. (Quote by - Leo Tolstoy)

Greatness is a road leading towards the unknown (Quote by - Charles de Gaulle)

Greatness be nothing unless it be lasting. (Quote by - Napoleon Bonaparte)

No great deed is done By falterers who ask for certainty. (Quote by - George Eliot)

Great men lose somewhat of their greatness by being near us; ordinary men gain much. (Quote by - Walter Savage Landor)

The final proof of greatness lies in being able to endure criticism without resentment. (Quote by - Elbert Hubbard)

True greatness consists in being great in little things. (Quote by - Charles Simmons)

It is in his knowledge that man has found his greatness and his happiness, the high superiority which he holds over the other animals who inhabit the earth with him, and consequently no ignorance is probably without loss to him, no error without evil. (Quote by - James Smithson)

In all our quest of greatness, like wanton boys, whose pastime is their care, we follow after bubbles, blown in the air. (Quote by - John Webster)

You are watching what greatness, is all about. (Quote by - Brent Musburger)

Man is only truly great when he acts from the passions. (Quote by - Benjamin Disraeli)

Most of the trouble in the world is caused by people wanting to be important. (Quote by - T. S. Eliot)

I believe in the greatness of our people. (Quote by - Chen Shui-bian)

It is the nature of all greatness not to be exact. (Quote by - Edmund Burke)

President Reagan is now at rest We mourn his passing, but we are grateful for the gifts he gave us: a safer world, strong economic base, and a renewed belief in America's greatness. (Quote by - Elton Gallegly)

Human relations are built on feeling, not on reason or knowledge And feeling is not an exact science; like all spiritual qualities, it has the vagueness of greatness about it. (Quote by - Amelia E Barr)

Now and then, I had moments of greatness, but I never knew how to duplicate it consistently. (Quote by - Ian Williams)

As machines become more and more efficient and perfect, so it will become clear that imperfection is the greatness of man. (Quote by - Ernst Fischer)

America's greatness has been the greatness of a free people who shared certain moral commitments Freedom without moral commitment is aimless and promptly self-destructive. (Quote by - John W Gardner)

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