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If you're Stan Heath, you're pulling your hair out. Although Stan doesn't have much; he's bald. End of shot clock, fouling a guy shooting a three. Not the smart play by Ferguson. (Quote by - Bob Wenzel)

It's good to see Chris Bosh show some intensity. I told him in the locker room he's growing some hair on his chest. Hopefully they will start giving him the respect he deserves and he will definitely be an all-star this year. (Quote by - Jalen Rose)

You'll be able to stand on the sidelines and feel the vibration. It's going to make every hair on my body stand up. (Quote by - Scott Schultz)

If you were a single mom, there's no way to support yourself and your kids by working in a hair salon. It's about a woman who decides to go and do what was considered a man's job, but was treated quite horribly for it and decides she has to fight for her rights when everyone thinks she should just shut up and take it. (Quote by - Charlize Theron)

I think they'll undoubtedly have to dye his hair. (Quote by - Graham Rye)

Long on hair, short on brains (Quote by - French Proverb)

It's not the hair on your head that matters. It's the kind of hair you have inside. (Quote by - Garry Shandling)

Without the hairs, the commonwealth's case was fragile. (Quote by - Scott Coffey)

I was somebody who never loved my hair. I had curly hair and wished it was straight. (Quote by - Jennifer Aniston)

This girl is a rebel with a cause to challenge the mundane. She's Brigitte Bardot meets Pink. Her hair is high-maintenance, but when it's time to put it all together, it's a devil-may-care attitude to create the finished look. She's not satisfied with one style and likes to keep her court guessing. (Quote by - Colleen Abrie)

It's like throwing your hair dryer in the bathtub, Everything shorts out. (Quote by - Roger Entner)

Grey hair does not mean you loose colourfull thoughts (Quote by - Loesje)

He wanted his aunt to braid his hair. (Quote by - Katura Turner McDonald)

At the Golden Globes, we were seeing more of a men's hair statement than ever before -- from spiked and shiny to pushed and styled. It's not just slick-back-and-go anymore. (Quote by - Tom Julian)

She knows her man, and when you rant and swear, Can draw you to her with a single hair. (Quote by - John Dryden)

I really don't care about the response to my hair this is just how my hair is. I don't take care of it, or comb it, or put anything in it, or style it or anything. When people comment on it, it is funny to me that it draws such attention. It makes me realize how insignificant that sort of thing is. (Quote by - Steve Nash)

It's different. I can feel the breeze on my head again. I had short hair for a long time before this so I can remember what it feels like, but it's colder in the mornings now. (Quote by - Chadd Little)

And from that luckless hour my tyrant fair Has led and turned me by a single hair. (Quote by - Robert Bland)

I didn't have any hair anywhere for almost seven months. So now, finally, I've got some hair, I'm going to keep it. (Quote by - Saku Koivu)

It's tough standing next to Gavin. Because then I have to start worrying about my hair. (Quote by - Jason Lewis)

Jamie was wearing bangs. The biggest impact I've had on this team is Jamie's hair. (Quote by - Christina Collison)

He's our C team coach, and he's got more hair than all the other coaches put together. (Quote by - Bryan Winkler)

She looks like she combs her hair with an egg beater. (Quote by - Hedda Hopper)

One of those pieces of his hair is going to snap off. It doesn't move. (Quote by - Aubrie Apple)

I turned my hair dark and have received much better parts ever since. (Quote by - Joan Bennett)

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