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Harm Quotes
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Those who stay away from the election think that one vote will do no good: 'Tis but one step more to think one vote will do no harm.(Quote by - Ralph Waldo Emerson)

For seventeen hundred years the Christian sect has done nothing but harm.(Quote by - Voltaire)

The harm done is often difficult to repair. (Quote by - Yusuf Islam)

The longer we dwell on our misfortunes the greater is their power to harm us.(Quote by - Voltaire)

That which is unjust can really profit no one; that which is just can really harm no one (Quote by - Henry George)

Perhaps it is impossible for a person who does no good to do no harm. (Quote by - Harriet Beecher Stowe)

Irrationally held truths may be more harmful than reasoned errors. (Quote by - Thomas Henry Huxley)

Nothing can work me damage except myself; the harm that I sustain I carry about with me, and never am a real sufferer but by my own fault.(Quote by - Bernard, St.)

If someone were to harm my family or a friend or somebody I love, I would eat them. I might end up in jail for 500 years, but I would eat them.' (Quote by - Johnny Depp)

Private enterprise in cricket might not be regarded as the last word, and ultimate state direction would not do it any harm. (Quote by - Emanuel Shinwell)

I have learned to love that which is meant to harm me, so that I can stand in the way of those who are less strong. I can take the bullets for those who aren't able to. (Quote by - Margaret Cho)

If you put frightening things into a picture, then they can't harm you. In fact, you end becoming quite fond of them. (Quote by - Paula Rego)

There are more things to alarm us than to harm us, and we suffer more often in apprehension than reality.(Quote by - Seneca)

Probably the greatest harm done by vast wealth is the harm that we of moderate means do ourselves when we let the vices of envy and hatred enter deep into our own natures. (Quote by - Theodore Roosevelt)

Let us read and let us dance - two amusements that will never do any harm to the world.(Quote by - Voltaire)

Be not affronted at a joke. If one throw salt at thee, thou wilt receive no harm, unless thou art raw. (Quote by - Oliver Goldsmith)

You can calculate the worth of a man by the number of his enemies, and the importance of a work of art by the harm that is spoken of it. (Quote by - Gustav Flaubert)

The world is not dangerous because of those who do harm but because of those who look at it without doing anything.(Quote by - Albert Einstein )

Have no fear of moving into the unknown. Simply step out fearlessly knowing that I am with you, therefore no harm can befall you; all is very, very well. Do this in complete faith and confidence. (Quote by - Pope John Paul II)

I've done more harm by the falseness of trying to please than by the honesty of trying to hurt (Quote by - Jessamyn West)

When I think of all the harm the Bible has done, I despair of ever writing anything to equal it.(Quote by - Oscar Wilde)

No people do so much harm as those who go about doing good. (Quote by - Mandell Creighton)

All mankind... being all equal and independent, no one ought to harm another in his life, health, liberty or possessions. (Quote by - John Locke)

He made certain points but the media like to make a big thing out of a few words. He did not mean it to harm me. (Quote by - Jose Maria Olazabal)

What kind of society isn't structured on greed? The problem of social organization is how to set up an arrangement under which greed will do the least harm; capitalism is that kind of a system. (Quote by - Milton Friedman)

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