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We're judging ourselves off every drive, ... being able to deliver. (Quote by - D.J. Shockley)

Since twelve honest men have decided the cause, And were judges of fact, tho' not judges of laws. (Quote by - William Pulteney)

It's always easy to judge from afar, (Quote by - Roberto Mancini)

Personal experiences affect the facts that judges choose to see. (Quote by - Sonia Sotomayor)

We're pleased with Judge Owens' ruling. (Quote by - Brad Wilson)

So wise, so grave, of so perplex'd a tongue, And loud withal, that would not wag, not scarce Lie still without a fee. (Quote by - Ben Jonson)

All of my judges will want to welcome every child into the world, give them a place at the table. (Quote by - Gary Bauer)

That's not something that a judge would do lightly. (Quote by - Brad Lyerla)

Heaven is above all yet; there sits a judge That no king can corrupt. (Quote by - William Shakespeare)

When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself. (Quote by - Wayne Dyer)

I wouldn't approach the issue of judging in the way the president does. Judges can't rely on what's in their heart. They don't determine the law. Congress makes the law. The job of a judge is to apply the law. (Quote by - Sonia Sotomayor)

There's gonna be enormous pressure on the judge to avoid a strike because if there is a strike, it could conceivably be the end of the airline. (Quote by - Alfred Marcus)

So we need the same strategy, we need young, aggressive judges to be appointed, and that's what the President has done, but getting them through is the challenge. (Quote by - Jay Alan Sekulow)

The three-judge panel . . . missed or misunderstood numerous key aspects of this case, (Quote by - Bill Bullard)

The Illinois Supreme Court has hit a homer. It empowers good judges to do what they always wanted to do. (Quote by - Bob Downs)

Those who made and endorsed our Constitution knew man's nature, and it is to their ideas, rather than to the temptations of utopia, that we must ask that our judges adhere. (Quote by - Robert Bork)

My suit has nothing to do with the assault, or battery, or poisoning, but is about three goats, which, I complain, have been stolen by my neighbor. This the judge desires to have proved to him; but you, with swelling words and extravagant gestures, dilate on the Battle of Cannae, the Mithridatic war, and the perjuries of the insensate Carthaginians, the Syllae, the Marii, and the Mucii. It is time, Postumus, to say something about my three goats. (Quote by - Marcus Valerius Martial)

As far as I can judge, Angela Merkel is not like Margaret Thatcher, and she actually should not try to be like her. (Quote by - Charles Moore)

Bush wasn't elected, he was selected - selected by five judges up in Washington who voted along party lines. (Quote by - Alec Baldwin)

Cagey trial lawyers have figured out there's a pretty good likelihood their case - no matter what its merit - will literally get its day in court because of favorable judges. (Quote by - Dennis Hastert)

The judges are excited about it. Most have not been to the U.S. before. (Quote by - Ann Furr)

The number of those who undergo the fatigue of judging for themselves is very small indeed (Quote by - Richard Brinsley Sheridan)

It is impossible to have a public trial if you can't guarantee the safety of witnesses, judges or defense counsel. (Quote by - Richard Goldstone)

Great Spirit, help me never to judge another until I have walked in his moccasins. (Quote by - Dan Stanford)

He certainly fits the kind of excellent judges that we were looking for and that President Bush is looking for. (Quote by - Edwin Meese III)

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