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You have been acquitted bya Limerick jury, and you may now leave the dock without any other stain upon your character.(Quote by - Judge Richard)

The jury has the right to judge both the law as well as the fact in controversy. (Quote by - John Jay)

It was a well-tried case. That's the way the system works. The jury has spoken. (Quote by - Chris Madsen)

A jury consists of twelve persons chosen to decide who has the better lawyer. (Quote by - Robert Frost)

The jury system puts a ban upon intelligence and honesty, and a premium upon ignorance, stupidity and perjury. (Quote by - S. L. Clemens)

When you go into court you are putting your fate into the hands of twelve people who weren't smart enough to get out of jury duty. (Quote by - Norm Crosby)

We operate under a jury system in this country, and as much as we complain about it, we have to admit that we know of no better system, except possibly flipping a coin. (Quote by - Dave Barry)

Justice consists of doing no one injury, decency in giving no one offense. (Quote by - Marcus Tullius Cicero)

A jury is composed of twelve men of average ignorance. (Quote by - Herbert Spencer)

Nature's laws affirm instead of prohibit. If you violate her laws, you are your own prosecuting attorney, judge, jury, and hangman. (Quote by - Luther Burbank)

The Press is the living Jury of the Nation. (Quote by - Bennett)

trial by jury itself, instead of being a security to persons who are accused, will be a delusion, a mockery, and a snare.(Quote by - Denman)

I'll be judge, I'll be jury,'said cunning old Fury; 'I'll try the whole cause, and condemn you to death. (Quote by - Dodgson)

A court is onlyas sound as its jury, and a jury is onlyas sound as the men who make it up.(Quote by - Lee)

To exclude all jurors who would be in the slightest way affected by the prospect of the death penalty would be to deprive the defendant of the impartial jury to which he or she is entitled under the law. (Quote by - Byron R. White)

Consider, Sir, how should you like, though conscious of your innocence, to be tried before a jury for a capital crime, once a week.(Quote by - Johnson)

When you see a lawyer trying to pick a smart jury, you know he's got a strong case.(Quote by - Bailey)

Shocking writing is like murder: the questions the jury must decide are the questions of motive and intent. (Quote by - E. B. White)

The jury, passing on the prisoner's life, May in the sworn twelve have a thief or two Guiltier than him they try. (Quote by - William Shakespeare)

Juries scare me. I don't want to put my faith in 12 people who weren't smart enough to get out of jury duty. (Quote by - Monica Piper)

The jury has the right to determine both the law and the facts. (Quote by - Samuel Chase)

I'm no idealist to believe firmly in the integrity of our courts and in the jury system -- that is no ideal to me, it is a living, working reality. (Quote by - Harper Lee)

To escape jury duty in England, wear a bowler hat and carry a copy of the Daily telegraph. (Quote by - John Mortimer)

I consider trial by jury as the only anchor yet imagined by man by which a government can be held to the principles of its constitution. (Quote by - Thomas Jefferson)

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