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The finest amusements are the most pointless ones. (Quote by - Jacques Chardonne)

It is in his pleasure that a man really lives; it is from his leisure that he constructs the true fabric of self. (Quote by - Agnes Repplier)

The end of labor is to gain leisure. (Quote by - Aristotle)

The wisdom of a learned man cometh by opportunity of leisure: and he that hath little business shall become wise. (Quote by - Bible, Ecclesiasticus 38:24)

Employ thy time well, if thou meanest to gain leisure. (Quote by - Benjamin Franklin)

I would not exchange my leisure hours for all the wealth in the world. (Quote by - Comte de Mirabeau)

He does not seem to me to be a free man who does not sometimes do nothing. (Quote by - Cicero)

Leisure is time for doing something useful; this leisure the diligent man will obtain, but the lazy man never (Quote by - Benjamin Franklin)

Leisure only means a chance to do other jobs that demand attention. (Quote by - Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.)

Leisure time is that five or six hours when you sleep at night. (Quote by - George Allen)

The real problem of leisure time is how to keep others from using yours. (Quote by - Arthur Lacey)

I'm never less at leisure than when at leisure, or less alone than when alone. (Quote by - Scipio Africanus)

Leisure tends to corrupt, and absolute leisure corrupts absolutely. (Quote by - Edgar A. Shoaff)

Overwork: n., a dangerous disorder affecting high public functionaries who want to go fishing. (Quote by - Ambrose Bierce)

We give up leisure in order that we may have leisure, just as we go to war in order that we may have peace. (Quote by - Aristotle)

The really efficient laborer will be found not to crowd his day with work, but will saunter to his task surrounded by a wide halo of ease and leisure. (Quote by - Henry David Thoreau)

We are closer to the ants than to the butterflies. Very few people can endure much leisure. (Quote by - Gerald Brenan)

Leisure can be both a problem and a solution. (Quote by - Nathaniel LeTonnerre)

All intellectual improvement arises from leisure (Quote by - Samuel Johnson)

Leisure is the mother of philosophy. (Quote by - Thomas Hobbes)

A life of leisure and a life of laziness are two things. There will be sleeping enough in the grave. (Quote by - Benjamin Franklin)

The goal of war is peace, of business, leisure. (Quote by - Aristotle)

Leisure: A fancy word for people who don't want to admit they're bored. (Quote by - Gene Perret)

Generally speaking, everyone is more interresting doing nothing than doing anything. (Quote by - Gertrude Stein)

Who wooed in haste and means to wed at leisure (Quote by - William Shakespeare)

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