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When I was in London for The Brits recently I read that I had asked for a Jacuzzi in the dressing room - how ridiculous is that? (Quote by - Paris Hilton)

The man who makes no mistakes does not make anything. (Quote by - Edward John Phelps)

We have been through so much together. None of us are from London and we're living away from our friends and family. We only have each other and that's what has made us so tight - that's why we have to remain as a five. (Quote by - Kimberley Walsh)

The Cabinet was a very important staging post for us [on drilling up support for London 2012 Olympic Games Bid] (Quote by - Sebastian Coe)

The way was long and weary, But gallantly they strode, A country lad and lassie, Along the heavy road. The night was dark and stormy, But blithe of heart were they, For shining in the distance The lights of London lay. O gleaming lights of London, that gem of the city's crown; What fortunes be within you, O Lights of London Town! (Quote by - George Robert Sims)

When you go to clubs in London there are loads of good-looking blokes, and I feel like a bit of a minger (Quote by - Lee Ryan)

I'm leaving because the weather is too good. I hate London when it's not raining.(Quote by - Groucho Marx)

As I came down the Highgate Hill, The Highgate Hill, the Highgate Hill, As I came down the Highgate Hill I met the sun's bravado, And saw below me, fold on fold, Grey to pearl and pearl to gold, This London like a land of old, The land of Eldorado. (Quote by - Henry Howarth Bashford)

I was very aggressive as a child. At primary school in London my attitude was 'If you don't do what I say, I'll knowk you out', and I was eventually expelled for fighting. (Quote by - Lennox Lewis)

It's difficult when we are both in different countries, but obviously we knew that would happen and I hope to come to London some day. (Quote by - Chelsy Davy)

London has what it takes to host the greatest sporting show on earth [on the 2012 Olympic bid] (Quote by - Bradley Wiggins)

London is the clearing-house of the world. (Quote by - Joseph Chamberlain)

Getting into the music scene and getting involved with it in London at the time that I did, that was interesting! (Quote by - Dan Hawkins)

If the parks be "the lungs of London" we wonder what Greenwich Fair is--a periodical breaking out, we suppose--a sort of spring rash. (Quote by - Charles Dickens)

London! the needy villain's general home, The common sewer of Paris and of Rome! With eager thirst, by folly or by fate, Sucks in the dregs of each corrupted state. (Quote by - Samuel Johnson)

I came to Gotham, where I saw many who were fools, if not all. (Quote by - Richard Braithwait )

I love playing at Wembley. It's the only tournament in London and the only one-table event - I can't wait to get out there. (Quote by - Jimmy White)

My legal team are going to be all over this back in London! [over-reacting to her own importance on Love Island] (Quote by - Sophie Anderton)

Wouldn't it be wonderful if William joined the contingent for Singapore speaking up for London? (Quote by - Tessa Jowell)

I make no apology for saying that in the East End of London a new party of labour, with a small L, is being born (Quote by - George Galloway)

Nobody is healthy in London, nobody can be.(Quote by - Jane Austen)

I wonder what it is in the New York air that enables me to sit up till all hours of the night in an atmosphere which in London would make a horse dizzy, but here merely clears the brain. (Quote by - James Agate)

London is a modern Babylon. (Quote by - Benjamin Disraeli)

A mighty mass of brick, and smoke, and shipping, Dirty and dusty, but as wide as eye Could reach, with here and there a sail just skipping In sight, then lost amidst the forestry Of masts; a wilderness of steeples peeping On tiptoe through their sea-coal canopy; A huge, dun cupola, like a fools-cap crown On a fool's head - and there is London Town.(Quote by - Lord Byron)

London is a roost for every bird. (Quote by - Benjamin Disraeli)

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