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Meaning Of Life Quotes
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How could drops of water know themselves to be a river? Yet the river flows on. (Quote by - Antoine De Saint-exupery)

Just as all thought, and primarily that of non-signification, signifies something, so there is no art that has no signification. (Quote by - Albert Camus)

This is it. There are no hidden meanings. All that mystical stuff is just what's so. (Quote by - Werner Erhard)

Being is. Being is in-itself. Being is what it is. (Quote by - Jean-paul Sartre)

Eternal truths will be neither true nor eternal unless they have fresh meaning for every new social situation. (Quote by - Franklin D. Roosevelt)

In my hut this spring, there is nothing -- there is everything! (Quote by - Sodo)

The world is not to be put in order, the world is order incarnate. It is for us to put ourselves in unison eith this order. (Quote by - Henry Miller)

The fact that life has no meaning is a reason to live --moreover, the only one. (Quote by - E. M. Cioran)

Those who talk on the razor-edge of double-meanings pluck the rarest blooms from the precipice on either side. (Quote by - Logan Pearsall Smith)

If God exists and we are made in his image we can have real meaning, and we can have real knowledge through what he has communicated to us. (Quote by - Francis Schaeffer)

I am a part of all that I have met. (Quote by - Alfred Lord Tennyson)

Hide your body in the Big Dipper. (Quote by - Zen Saying)

Everywhere one seeks to produce meaning, to make the world signify, to render it visible. We are not, however, in danger of lacking meaning; quite the contrary, we are gorged with meaning and it is killing us. (Quote by - Jean Baudrillard)

The search is what anyone would undertake if he were not sunk in the everydayness of his own life. To become aware of the possibility of the search is to be onto something. Not to be onto something is to be in despair. (Quote by - Walker Percy)

The mountains, rivers, earth, grasses, trees, and forests are always emanating a subtle, precious light, day and night, always emanating a subtle, precious sound, demonstrating and expounding to all people the unsurpassed ultimate truth. (Quote by - Yuan-sou)

Dare to err and to dream. Deep meaning often lies in childish plays. (Quote by - Johann Friedrich Von Schiller)

Darkness within darkness. The gateway to all understanding. (Quote by - Tao Te Ching)

There is a land of the living and a land of the dead and the bridge is love, the only survival, the only meaning. (Quote by - Thornton Wilder)

Life has to be given a meaning because of the obvious fact that it has no meaning. (Quote by - Henry Miller)

At the base of the eyelash is an invisible mite. Ask not what your mite can do for you but what you can do for your mite. And remember, mite makes right. (Quote by - Jr)

Perhaps the truth depends on a walk around the lake. (Quote by - Wallace Stevens)

The real being, with no status, is always going in and out through the doors of your face. (Quote by - Lin-Chi)

If you seek, how is that different from pursuing sound and form? If you don't seek, how are you different from earth, wood, or stone? You must seek without seeking. (Quote by - Fo-yan)

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